Thursday, 15 May 2008

BMW Shorties 2008

I arrrived at the BMW Shorties website through blog-hopping. Nope, nothing to do with short guys driving beemers. This is the second year BMW is sponsoring a short films competition for talented Malaysian moviemakers.

There is opportunity for the public to cast their vote for their favourite short movie from the 10 finalists, but unfortunately it closes today 15 May 2008. No matter, let's just watch them shall we? Just click on the link below and then click the VIEW FINALISTS button.

Update 16 May 2008 : For the Love of Drowning by Nazim Mohammed Esa won this year's award. Moe Izwan Kamal’s Goat won the People's Choice award. Full story from the Star Online, here.


fie the elf said...

i was an intern for da huang pictures and my boss was tan chui mui, one of the judges at the shorties.

she asked us to join the comp but we were too lazy XD

Oldstock said...

Maybe you should try for next year, elf.

BTW, my choice would go to Broken Bangles, simply because it held my attention from start to finish.

fie the elf said...

next year i will be too busy with work (i hope i can get one!), uni (hopefully can get in!) and a side project, cause i miggghhtt want to think about publishing a book haha! fingers crosses lah.

And yeah, I like Broken Bangles too.