Wednesday, 28 May 2008

My other kampung, Mersing

Morning ferry leaving the Sg. Mersing river mouth
Just got back from outstation duty at Melaka. Not able to get online at all during the past three days. I'll post about Melaka (and Port Dickson, where we stayed) a little later, but for today, just a short post about my other kampung, Mersing, on the east coast of Johor.
Well actually, it's kampung of the other half. We went back on Saturday 24 May 2008 to drop by an empty house.... nobody lives there anymore, sigh. My in-laws stay all over. The house is only used as a common gathering place during Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Not too sure how much longer it's going to be so.

Anyway, just a few things to mention about Mersing. If you like nasi dagang (rice with a thick chunk of tuna bathed in savoury gravy), go to a stall at the new wet market/bus terminal early morning. The nasi dagang here is still RM1.00 a packet, and I usually eat two. During school holiday periods and festive seasons (when city folks balik kampung), the waiting crowd is so large that the stall-owner has to implement a queue-numbering system. I dare say, the taste of the Mersing nasi dagang is as good, if not better than the famous one at Chendering, Trengganu.

Mersing also has some good keropok lekor but not as good as the ones from Kemaman. But there is this one place that makes and sells keropok that I would say, is not too bad. It is located out of Mersing town, at an area called Tenglu. If you are on your way north to Pahang on Federal Route 3, the shop is located on the right-hand side, before the junction to Air Papan beach. Mersing is the only place in Johor that produces keropok lekor because the keropok makers in Mersing are actually descendants of Trengganu folks.

At our last visit in February, the gold rush fever was at its peak (see the picture header of this blog). It has now died down and the price of woks and frying pans in Mersing have returned to normal.

Sunrise over bridge crossing Sungai Mersing

Fishing boat on its way to the outlying islands

Early morning beach at low tide


fie the elf said...

only 1 buck! so cheap!

i've only been to johor once, when i was about 8 cause my uncle was stationed there. i can't remember much though except we went over to singapore. and my uncle had a double storey house. that's it. haha.

Oldstock said...

Elf, that makes us even, I guess. I've only been to Sabah once.