Friday, 30 May 2008

NST online article on Mersing

I had written about my wife's hometown of Mersing yesterday. By coincidence, NST online is also carrying an article on Mersing in its Johor Buzz section.

The article is titled `Mersing fast losing its charm' and tells the story of a small town that is only being used as a transit point by tourists wanting to spend time on the outlying islands. There is also a mention of the old Government Rest House, abandoned since the 1980s, and now a potential place for `Seekers'. The article did not include a picture of the Rest House but I have one in my collection, shown below.

Click on this link for the full story.


Anonymous said...

Frankly I for one think Mersing is the most beautiful town in Malaysia. Been there a few times...

anudolphin said...

I agree with anonymous..........I was born there....not far from the resthouse....on the hill at Jalan Nong Yahya....pity....the invasion of foreigners have evaporated that "English hamlet" atmosphere we used to get or that which people talked about.....TO anonymous: are you from Mersing by any chance...?