Thursday, 5 June 2008

An alternative place to stay at Port Dickson

In an earlier post, I mentioned about extending our stay for another day in Port Dickson. We checked out of Tiara Beach Resort and by chance, got an apartment at Tg. Biru Condo at Tg. Tuan. The place is not actually a hotel but a condominium complex where the individually-owned units are let out for rent.

Amenities are pretty basic (no towels or those tiny shampoo bottles in the bathroom) but the rooms are clean and the beds comfortable. There is also a small kitchen equipped with a rice cooker, gas stove and basic utensils. For RM150 a night, I'm not complaining. If you plan to stay long and do some cooking to keep down expenses, then this is the place for you.

The good thing about this place is that it's located next to a nice cosy beach. At low tide, the water recedes to more than 200m away to expose a flat seabed. There are some foodstalls nearby, so finding something to eat is not a problem.

Not too far away, on the main road, is another stall called Gerai Kak Hapzah that I got to know of from fellow blogger Zach. I stopped by for a roti canai breakfast that tasted not too bad.

But what I liked most about staying at Tg. Tuan was the beautiful sunset. Check out the pics below.


eddy said...

Bro, first time visiting your blog. Got time now huh, good for you.

Oldstock said...

Yeah... something to do to keep my mind sharp. Thanks for dropping by.

Emila Yusof said...

Hi Fadhil! I think it's the same condo that I went to last April. Love your sunset photos! You can view my photos here:

Oldstock said...

Hi Emila,

Had a look at your pics. Yup, its the same place. Looked like you had a wonderful time there too.

I was actually on a working trip so didn't get much time to relax or take a swim. Got back in the evening just in time to catch the glorious sunset. My kids loved the place. Maybe next time, kalau ada peluang nak bercuti lagi, we'll go there again.

You've some nice pics there. I especially like the telephoto shots. Must have been taken with a good camera and lens.

Sigh... I'm still dreaming of getting my first DSLR.