Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Firefox 3 Download Day

I've just downloaded the lastest version of Mozilla Firefox browser. Thanks to the info from blogger friend Apple, today 18 June 2008 (Malaysia time 1am), Mozilla is attempting a Guinness World Record for the most downloads in a single day.

My initial attempts to download Firefox 3 was not smooth. I had to refresh the link several times. This is possibly due to the heavy traffic. But once I could connect through, the download and installation was a breeze.

I'm actually a very new user of the Firefox browser... just installed the earlier version only last month. Yeah, yeah... you can say I'm slow in adopting the latest in the IT world. Heck, I just started blogging two months ago.

Having been brought up and weaned on IE, its taking me a while to get used to Firefox. My webpages now seem to load faster (or is it just my imagination?). A small gripe that I have is that the font display of my blog page looks less cool in Firefox compared to IE. Maybe I should try out new templates, eh?


Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm glad you have downloaded Firefox 3. Early 1am this morning, I tried to download but due to the massive traffic, it took me quite some time before I can get my own copy of Firefox 3.

Wow, you are a new Firefox user eh? Well, the great thing about Firefox is the faster loading speed (no, not your imagination) and its flexibility of using the add-ons.

You can try out new templates anytime, but make sure it looks good in most browsers (browser compatible). You can read about this --> here.

Happy blogging and hope you enjoy the new Firefox. :D

Oldstock said...

Hi Apple,
Thanks for tip about templates.