Saturday, 14 June 2008

A Good Makan Spot in JB (2)

The food stalls at Hutan Bandar is a popular breakfast spot among Johor Bahru folks. Hutan Bandar is actually a public park managed by the City Council and I like to stop there for breakfast because there is a variety of food to choose from and parking is still free.

The standard Malaysian breakfast fare of roti canai, nasi lemak, lontong and mee soto are available but if you like to try something different, there is a stall selling sup tulang merah and another one selling char mee.

I'll write about sup tulang merah later because in this post, I want to write about Stall No. 4 called Atirah Eatery that sells char mee, koloh mee and sabau mee. I understand the dishes are common among the Chinese in Sarawak. The stall is run by a husband and wife team of Mohd Ashraf Abdullah and Latipha Mohd Yusoff. The New Straits Times has even run an article on this popular stall in their Johor Buzz Section. Read it at this link.

I like all the dishes sold at this stall but char mee is my favourite. It's only RM4 a bowl. Char mee consists of flat noodles in a tasty soup with slices of sauteed chicken meat and fishballs, sprinkled with a bit of spring onions and lobak asin and finally topped with a dollop of homemade ground green chilli sauce. Marvellous...

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