Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The price of petrol!

Crap! It finally had to happen. With the world price of crude past the USD130 per barrel mark, there was no way our government could keep the pump price down.

As of midnight tonight, the price of petrol will be raised to RM2.70 per litre. That's a 78sen jump from the previous price of RM1.92, a 40.6% increase!

I just got back from filling up the tank of my car. The queues at the petrol station were horribly long. It took me 45 minutes of waiting before I could fill up. I managed to pump in RM80 worth of petrol. A quick calculation showed that the volume filled was 41.67 litres. If I waited till tomorrow, this quantity would have cost me RM112.50. In other words, I made a `saving' of RM32.50. Not bad for a 45-minute wait.

I heard over the radio that petrol stations all around the country are jam-packed with people. I'm sure there must have been stressful situations at some of these places. You can imagine dealing with queue jumpers, people filling up petrol in plastic containers and worst still, the stations running out of petrol.

Let us now brace ourselves for the increase in prices of other goods. Crap!

To the leaders of the newly-elected government who just got in on a simple majority, I say you guys are crap! I'll remember you for this.

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