Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Digital dreams

I'll just get straight to the point. I'm dreaming of either one of two Japanese beauties. A DSLR camera by Nikon or Canon. Yup, I hope to lay my hands on a Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera. But the ones that I'm dreaming of are sure damn expensive.

It's a toss-up between the Nikon D80 or the Canon EOS450D. These cameras are not really for beginners in DSLR photography but neither are they the top of the range cameras that the pros use. Rather, they are the mid-range models for the `serious enthusiasts', whatever that means. Both cost in excess of RM3k.

I could go for the entry-level models that retail at RM1k less but having read advice and reviews by seasoned photographers, it is worth spending that little extra to go for the mid-range model if we plan to be using it for a reasonably long time. The problem is that I don't have that much spare cash to splurge on a new digital camera. So I guess it's just back to dreaming for now...

My interest in photography started very young when my father gave me a Fuji pocket camera as a present. Later on when I was in university, I managed to save enough money to buy my first SLR camera, a Yashica FXD Quartz. The original setup came with a standard 42-75mm zoom lens. As I began to explore the different techniques in taking photos, I added a Tamron 70-210mm zoom lens to the setup. This hobby continued after I finished studies and started working but I was never really serious about it. The best that I got in publication was seeing my pics in the in-house company newsletter.

The interest started to wane after I got married and started a family. I guess priorities became different after that.

But now, when I look at the beautiful pics taken by other bloggers, I get green with envy. Close-up shots, macro shots, low depth-of-field, panaromic views, long exposures, silhouettes.... the myriad of great photo compositions are really amazing.

I still have the Yashica and Tamron. The camera no longer works but I'm sure a little bit of servicing and repair could make it functional again. I plan to give the camera and lens to a nephew of mine who has started picking up photography as a hobby. He completed a photography course recently and surprisingly, the course has encouraged him to start with conventional SLR cameras first. He is now already using his father's old Minolta X300.

A seasoned Yashica FXD Quartz with Tamron zoom lens hoping to get a new lease of life

In the mean time, let me dream of owning my first DSLR so that I can resume to take great photographs again.


Michelle said...

If you're really thinking of buying a new camera, my personal preference would be the Nikon. Absolutely love them!

Wish I had the dough to get myself a camera like that too.

Oldstock said...


Personally, I'm favouring the Nikon too but the Canon is about RM500 cheaper. Feature-for-feature, the EOS 450D also beat the D80, eg. 12.2 MP resolution against 10.1 MP.

But as I said, both are too expensive la. Can dream only...

Emila Yusof said...

I use Nikon D40X, for a hobbyist like me I think this one is good already for me.

Oldstock said...


I initially had my eyes on the D40 (around RM1.9k). Tapi bila I pegi kat kedai foto, saja nak tinjau-tinjau, salesgirl tu cakap D40 model lama dan takde stock. Dia rekomen D60 (RM2.6k), model baru dan lebih features katanya... bla, bla, bla. Pandai je salesgirl nak pujuk kita beli benda yg lebih mahal.

Pastu I baca review yg ditulis oleh seasoned photographer. Dia kata D60 not worth the money. Better go up to tne new D80. Tapi D80 ni dekat RM4 ribu! Mano den nak cekau duit banyak tu.

Hanya tinggal mimpi...

Oldstock said...

P/s - kat Pikom PC fair kelmarin, Canon EOS450D dah turun harge ke RM2,999. Hampir-hampir dah nak keluarkan kredit kad. Nasib baik tak jadi.