Thursday, 3 July 2008

The dust settles on Bukit Chagar Flats

Two months ago The Star Online published the following story :

Tuesday May 6, 2008

Demolition work on Bukit Chagar flats finally begins

JOHOR BARU: The city’s most famous eyesore, the Bukit Chagar flats, located near the Causeway, is finally coming down.

Yesterday, workers started ripping apart the 25-year-old flats using tractors and other heavy machinery.

To businessman G.W. Tan, 54, who has been living in the area for the past 48 years, it’s about time the structures came down.“This place is an eyesore,” he said, adding that he was hoping that their television reception would improve once the flats came down.

... read the full article at this link.

The Bukit Chagar flats were constructed by the Johor State government in the 1980s to house the low-income group. There were a total of four blocks, each 16-storeys high. The four blocks housed 1,536 units of one-bedroom dwelling. Now if the federal government is really serious about spending petro-RM on subsidies, proper and adequate housing for the poor should be one of them.

The flats soon became an eyesore due to lack of maintenance. Their location very near Johor Bahru city centre did not help in creating good first impressions to visitors.
So when the Gerbang Perdana CIQ complex was launched, the authorities found a convenient excuse to have the flats demolished. The demolition works started on 5 May 2008.

I took the first picture below on 4 June 2008.

In just about 3 months, all the four blocks have been reduced to rubble. The following photograph taken yesterday shows just a bit of the final block to go.

It's good that one old eyesore has been removed. But if you look at the tall building on the top right of the same picture, you'll see what has become a `new' eyesore. That building is the Pacific Mall, one of the several abandoned or incomplete commercial complexes that can be found all over JB city.


Emila Yusof said...

4 down, 1 to go?

U.Lee said...

Hello Oldstock, ( I love your callsign, ha ha, oldstock). I was at Monster Mom's place noticed your callsign and glad I busybody over.
You are very eloquent and love your blog.
I stayed in JB in the 80's, at Bukit Serene, a buang batu away from Mechinta nite club, and dua batu to the Sultan's gardens....

I love JB...and loved to go eat that Indian shop opposite the sea near HK bank.
As well enjoyed going to Desaru or Pengarang for the seafood....but more for that straight stretch of road where I could give my car some ahemm, speed exercises, ha ha.

Jalan Ah Fook too was very interesting, the makan places. But the number of times got stuck at Kota Tinggi because of floods!!
By the way, Oldstock..itu Tropical Inn hotel still around? My one time watering hole,ha ha.
I heard there's a new causeway to Singapore? Di mana tu? Where it start from?

Yes, I have many beautiful memories of JB or Johore.
You have a nice weekend, keep well and best regards, Lee.

Oldstock said...

* Emila, there are plenty of abandoned eyesores in JB. I really think the authorities should do something about it. I'm planning to post on this subject soon.

* Lee, welcome, welcome. The callsign was chosen for a sentimental reason. Old story lah (pun intended, hahaha..). Maybe I'll blog about this story some time.

Yes, Tropical Inn is still around. As for the new CIQ building, I'm just as curious as you on when it'll open. I'll post about it once I get some news.

You've touched on some old stories about JB too. Whoa... Mechinta Nite Club, definitely some good stories there I can't blog about!

You've a nice blog yourself (your post about classic cars reminded me of my father's Ford Anglia) and I've taken the liberty to link. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi, nice post. i heard that there's a movie partly dedicated to the flats.