Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Memories in Black & White

Pardon me for being a bit nostalgic this past few weeks. My father kept his old B&W photographs in a few albums. There are some pics of him during his bachelor days which I guess were taken in the 50's. There are many pictures of my brothers and I during our years growing up at Princess Elizabeth Estate.

I've been meaning to transfer and rearrange all the photographs in newer albums but this particular skill that I have called procrastination is always getting in the way...

I'm including two B&W pics in today's post.

The first B&W pic shows five small kids sitting on a field in front of a Vespa scooter. The kids are myself, my two younger brothers and our two friends (Peter Koh and Jumaat Selamat) who lived in the same housing block. If I remember correctly, the Vespa belonged to Jumaat's uncle.

The second B&W pic is a photo of me, my cousin and friends of our uncle. It was taken near a lion's statue that marked the entrance to Nicoll Highway. I date this pic around 1966. The highway has been widened now and I think the lion statue is longer there.

Finally, a latest photo of the same field where we posed in front of the Vespa, taken last Sunday. Our old housing block has long since been demolished. Note the expensive condominium blocks under construction in the background.

I've lost touch with both Peter and Jumaat. Wherever you are guys, take care...


Emila Yusof said...

Cute! Gotta love that Vespa!

Oldstock said...

Err... is the Vespa cute or did you mean the boys in the pic? :-)