Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Time off

I drove to Kuala Lumpur last weekend to attend a wedding invitation and a house-warming kenduri. Caught a flu bug on Sunday morning but still drove back to JB that afternoon.

Went to see the doctor on Monday morning and was out like a log the whole day after taking medications. Feeling a bit better today but still running a slight fever as I type this.

So I might be off for another few days, I guess. You guys take care.


Michelle said...

Hey, you take care too. Seems like the flu bug is getting to a lot of people. Haris was out for a couple of days before this, and now you.

Your advice for Haris, perhaps you could use it on yourself?

Keep warm. Get well soon.

razifembi said...

poor ... hope you get well soon mr eng . . . lawa gambar kt sidebar tuh ye...

Oldstock said...

-> Michelle, yes I'm trying the hot sup kambing tomorrow. Thanks.

-> Razif, thanks for the wishes too. Gambar mana yg lawa? Sibu Island tu ke?

U.Lee said...

Hi Old Stock...re your cold, fever...go to a Chinese medicine store...ask for "Hor Yan Hor"...its made in Ipoh...a herbal tea drink.
You will feel good after drinking it HOT!
Its good for when your body feels like on fire or when you feeling in the blues...try it...its cheap.
Two or three cups a day...you'll be able go two rounds with Tiger Woods, ha ha.

Thank you for dropping by and your warm thought...I have lost a good friend...many of us.
You have a great week, Lee.

fie the elf said...

feel better soon! =)

Patricia said...

Have been so busy running around with my daughter, didn't know you were ill!

Are you all right now? Yes, there's a horrible flu bug out there. So sorry to hear it found you :(

Take care,


Oldstock said...

-> Lee, thanks for the tip. I'll try the herbal tea. I dropped by Shera's blog yesterday and read some of her old posts just to get a feel of the type of person she was. Kept thinking of the incident all night. Coincidence or fate? Decided to post something about it today.

You have a good weekend too, my friend.

-> Hi Elf, am a bit better now. I've finished all the pills the doc gave me but there's still some residue of coughing. Always difficult to get rid of cough once I get it.

Oldstock said...

Pat, somehow your comment got stuck in cyberspace somewhere... that's why I didn't respond above. Just saw it in my second login tonight.

There's still some mysteries out there... twilight zone stuff.. haha..

Back at work today but still 2nd gear la. Seems I have to cover the overdue tasks this weekend.