Wednesday, 13 August 2008

An east-coast education

In my earlier post, I mentioned that my car broke down while driving from Johor Bahru to Kuantan last Friday night.

I was in Kuantan over the weekend to attend a sort of homecoming programme organized by the alumni of my old school, Maktab Rendah Sains MARA Kuantan. The main objective of the programme was to strenghten the relationship between former and present students. Former students are allowed to share their experiences in tertiary education and career paths with their younger brothers/sisters.

Components of the programme included career talks and motivational sessions. But perhaps the most effective effort was the Big Brother / Big Sister relationship whereby each alumnus becomes a mentor to a small group of students. In my case, it was more of an `Uncle' relationship, if you know what I mean.

In order for this to work well, quite a large number of the old boys/girls need to attend. Sure enough, more than 120 of us turned up. With a Form 5 population of about 340 students, the ratio was close to 1 : 3. Not bad at all.

Our alumni association goes by the nickname of Kuatagh. This is the 12th time that Kuatagh has organised this programme and according to our President, it has grown every year. The programme goes by the official name of `Sirih Pulang Ke Gagang' or SPKG for short. It is the first time that I managed to squeeze some free time to travel back to my old school and attend the programme. To see the faces of our young brothers/sisters light up when we tell stories of our student days and early working life... makes our spirits rise too.

The old dining hall building now called Dewan Selera. It was simply called Dewan Makan in my days.

Some of my friends from the K82 batch

I left MRSM Kuantan after the MCE exams in 1979. This visit has brought back many fond memories of my days at boarding school. The challenges, the friendships, the struggles and the joys of teenage life far away from home. There were many interesting incidents that happened those days that maybe I would write about soon in this blog.

It was a weekend well-spent. There are many things that we all like to be proud of in our lives. Our children, our workplace and our old school, among others. As of last weekend, I am most proud of my new-found friends and fellow ex-students of MRSM Kuantan, who took the time and trouble to help out our younger brothers/sisters. To Areehan Abdullah and his organizing committee from Kuatagh `91, congratulations on a job well-done.


Za'aba Ahmad said...

Long live Kuatagh79...

Are you in our e-group?

Sorry I missed the SPKG this year, which I've attended twice.

Looking forward to read what you write about our old days soon.

Jack - Argon79.

Oldstock said...

Hi Jack,

Nice of you to drop by. You're the first K79 to comment on this blog.

Yes, I'm in our e-group. That's how I got to know of SPKG. There's another group in Facebook too that you may want to join.

Will post more stories on our old school soon.