Monday, 25 August 2008

A good makan spot in Bangi, Selangor

This makan spot is really way out of my normal zone. I just had to post about it because I managed to find the place by chance although I had read about it vaguely in an online forum discussion board some time ago.

We were actually at KLIA yesterday morning to send off a nephew who was going for further studies in Jakarta. Late afternoon was spent doing some shopping at Jusco Equine Park, after which I decided to make a detour to Bangi on our way home to JB. There was no particular reason why I wanted to drive around Bandar Baru Bangi except that I had heard of a few good eating places that are maybe worth trying. It had also been quite a while since my wife last visited Bangi (she was a student at UKM) so the detour was to refresh her memories too.

Of course, Bandar Baru Bangi has developed tremendously since our last visit but we didn't get lost because I have a fair idea of the town's layout and the road signs were adequate. We drove leisurely past UKM along the winding road all the way down to Bangi Old Town and then made a turn back. I then remembered about this makan place supposedly situated somewhere near the Atomic Energy Board on the road to Dengkil, so I took a left turn when I saw the Dengkil/Banting signboard. A few kilometres down, I spotted a signboard that shows the way to Tasik Idaman Restaurant.

The restaurant is situated on the edges of two lakes which I reckon are disused mining pools. The owner has sort of rebuilt the place into a nice recreational area that includes a paintball arena, floating jetty for fishing, kayaking and the aforementioned restaurant. The restaurant itself consists of different seating options : you can choose to sit in a large but cosy dining area, small individual huts covering a single table or have your meal open-air at tables placed on a floating platform on the lake itself. If you have the itch to test your vocal skills, no problems too. The restaurant has karaoke facilities complete with a stage and dee-jay.

Since it was drizzling last night, we had our meal at the dining hall. Our dinner consisted of ikan siakap stim limau (siakap fish steamed with lime), sotong goreng tepung (deep-fried squid dipped in batter), udang kertas masak tiga rasa (large prawns cooked in three flavours) and kailan ikan masin (kailan vege with salted fish). The food was delicious.

The steamed fish had a real tangy taste of lime. The prawns were fresh and cooked in a savoury tiga-rasa style that I have never tasted before. The batter-dipped squid were crisp and served with a homemade sweet chilli dip. Sungguh enak dan lazat. The whole meal for four cost me RM152, reasonable enough.

I gather that this place is quite well-known among Bangi folks although is situated really out of the way. A google-search of this restaurant revealed that a number of customers have already blogged about it. It seems that the place is packed at weekends and customers may have to wait quite a bit for their meals to be served. We discovered the place early (around 6.30pm), so did not have to wait long.

Restoran Tasik Idaman have their own blog -> here. Click on the link to find out more about the place and also for a location map. Images above are from the restaurant's blog.

But to really understand why I say that this place is way, way out there... check the location on this wikimapia link. Zoom out on the map and scroll upwards until you can see the Bangi Exit of the N-S Highway, then you'll know what I mean.


U.Lee said...

Hi Oldstock, long time no see. How you doin'?
Reading about the restaurant and the ikan siakap. wow! I love ikan siakap...when young days managed to fish quite a few too and eat it fresh on the beach over a fire.

There are several blogger friends from Bangi and from their pics, Bangi has changed beyond my wildest imagination.

My time back in the 60's, 70's mostly hutan, mangrove, rubber estates, and to think a contractor friend wanted to sell me 5 acres of land I declined thinking siapa nak tinggal sana. Cheh! Otherwise today boleh gonchang kaki, ha ha.

I guess if and when saya balek kampong have a lot of places go makan.

By the way Oldstock, that village in Pengarang, Johore still the same atau grown to a town? Used to go Desaru and there for makan seafood.
Was involved with a project back in the 80's.

Anyway, glad to have you drop in, you keep well and have a pleasant week, best regards, Lee.

Patricia said...

Hi Oldstock,

Bangi has changed so very much since I was there (I taught in UKM in the mid-eighties). I love the way the trees have grown and it looks all green and clean.

Was last 'there' when the Seremban Highway was jammed, and we took a detour, via Bangi, to PD. I saw not one thing that seemed familiar - but the changes seem to be for the better.

That sounds like one yummy dinner you had there!

jabishah said...

Hello oldstock,
When you mentioned a good makan in Bangi I was so looking forward to check out the place. But having checked the map, I think I do a rain check on that ;-)
Thanks for sharing tho..

Oldstock said...

Hi Lee,

I'm doing fine. Been a bit busy for the past few weeks and traveling almost every weekend.

The place in Pengerang (Sg. Rengit) that you mentioned is still more or less like that. I was there a few months back and had lunch at the seafood restaurant that serves delicious lobster. Tapi itu kira orang belanja lah... :-)

The place would probably pick up in development after the new bridge crossing Sg. Johor (from Kongkong, JB side to Teluk Sengat, Kota Tinggi side) is completed in two years time. Actually the bridge and highway is supposed to be completed this year, but the developer is running into cashflow problems.

Desaru is not attractive as before although the State government is trying hard to promote tourism there.

You take care now over there in Canada. The summer's almost over.

Oldstock said...

Hi Pat,

My wife commented that Bangi has changed so much since her student days. She tells the story of taking bus rides to Kajang town that passes areas of thick jungle.

The dinner was nice but I guess it's very unlikely we would be going there again as the place is too out of the way.

Oldstock said...

Hi Ja,

That was why I included the map link. You'd really need to have the patience and time to think of actually going there just to have a seafood meal.

But just in case... if you are ever in the area... for whatever reason... at a convenient time... then maybe, just maybe, you would know where to stop to get a good bite. Heheheh... mana la tahu kan.

Having said that, there was this occasion once, about 2 years ago, my bro-in-law took his sister (my wife) to dinner at a seafood restaurant somewhere in Bagan Lalang, I think. I wasn't around at that time due to overseas posting. My wife told me that it was about 2 hours from KL and by the time they arrived, my kids were already starving. Nasib baik la makanan dia sedap.

Some people are willing to go to great lengths (and distances) for a good meal.

hanitha said...

Assalamualaikum wrth, kabare?
lamer sungguh tk menyinggah blog nie, almost 2 minggu, bz n cuti lamer...handled kenduri kawin adik.. emmm citer makan nie wat lapo balik la...ehehehe, bagan lalang? wah, tu kat kg kite la, bukit bangkong sepang, selangor. dulu klu sebut ingat ulu maner la tu...skrg biler sebut sepang..tkyah citer byk2 atau perlukn map link..semua dh tau ehehehe.. begitu la penangan kemajuan.. :))

take care

Oldstock said...

Hi Hanitha,

waras, waras... lamanya awak cuti. Sibuk jadi wedding planner ye..

Eh, bukan Sepang tu masih ulu ke? Heheheh... jgn marah, gurau je. Nanti nak check kat Google Earth, Bukit Bangkong tu kat mana.

hanitha said...

salam... nk check bukit bangkong katne? check la..skrg dh pemes la, especially ulu chuchoh, byk usaha kerepek kat situ n homestay.. tp, kg pon dh ikut arus kemajuan, sebab dh dekat ngan suasana kg kat situ dh ader la skit2 mcm kg baru... tp tetap kg kan..
nyok mangan kerepek ehehehe

Oldstock said...

Hi Hanitha,

Dah check kat Google Earth tapi tak jumpa pulak Bukit Bangkong ni... I tengok kawasan Sepang tu mostly flat area, takde bukit pun.

Kerepek pisang ke kerepek ubi yang banyak?