Thursday, 14 August 2008

In and out of Kuantan in a day

The workshop in Kuantan that was fixing my car, called me yesterday to inform that the gearbox repair works has been completed. So I took the midnight express bus from Johor Bahru and arrived in Kuantan before daybreak today.

Lovely blogger-friend Versedanggerik, who resides in Kuantan, was kind enough to treat me to a delicious nasi kerabu breakfast and later dropped me off at the workshop. Thanks Verse!

I picked up my car and then went to Tg. Lumpur to look for some satar and otak-otak to bring home. I drove back to JB the same route I came but this time at a much slower pace, to allow the new gearbox to accustom itself to my driving style (yeah, right.... as if a car's transmission can compensate for the owner's poor driving skills).

Tapi la kan... bawak slow ni cepat mengantuk. Anyway, I've safely reached home, alhamdulillah.

I leave you with the following pic of Kuantan's mosque that was snapped early this morning.

Masjid Sultan Ahmad I, Kuantan, Pahang. Totally re-built in 1994


Emila Yusof said...

Beautiful mosque!! Glad your car got fixed. Saya kalau bawak slow pun mengantuk juga. Bawak kat highway lagi mengantuk. Prefer to drive kat jalan-jalan kecil, alert sikit.

I tagged you for the 123 book tag, hope you don't mind!

Oldstock said...

Hi Emila,

Rasanya se hari dua ni je yg bawak slow. Lepas tu pecut balik...

Thanks for the tag. Made me look at my book collection and realise that I have another book by Nicholas Evans (The Loop) that I've yet to read!

VersedAnggerik said...

You are most welcome Oldstock!

Lain kali datang Kuantan, we go have mee chalong lak! Hehehe....

Oldstock said...

Verse, looking forward to it!