Friday, 29 August 2008

Just a silly question from me

Now why would makers of the latest high-tech gadgets like smartphones still want to adopt the archaic Qwerty layout for their keypads? It's not as if the users of such phones would be doing any touch-typing, would they?

Have a look at the following phones from Blackberry, Palm and Apple. Tell me if you can neatly fit the fingers of one hand (let alone two) on the keypads. In fact, the Apple iPhone has a touchscreen keypad, where users would normally use a stylus or just a single finger...


Patricia said...

Yah lah, so bodoh, wan!

I often curi my husband's blackberry to send off an e-mail and this querty format sucks - since I can only use my thumbs! Hahaha.

I can sms super laju just using my right thumb, but the blackberry soooooo slows me down lah.

SO, you gonna tell them their 'keyboard' sucks', ah Oldstock?

Btw, my mobile is this thousand-year old model from Nokia - slim and silver and no longer available! - but it's serving me well ;)


Patricia said...

Hey, I only just saw your pix of Tg Tuan beach! Has it been there all along, and I just never saw it cos I'm blind?

We've a place in PD and will be moving there next year when my husband retires. We're there every weekend - and EVERY sunset looks like that from my doorstep!(But no sea lah, just sky. Sea-front very the mahal, wan ;) Gorgeous! Fills me up with peace and love for all god's creatures, great and small.

Have a good weekend, my friend.



Oldstock said...

Hi Pat,

Hmmm... you've just given me an idea. Maybe I could email Blackberry, Palm and Apple my silly question and see how they respond.

I actually had this idea of emailing Bill Gates to ask him why Microsoft is not promoting a new keyboard layout instead of using something that was designed for a mechanical typewriter ages ago.

The Tg. Tuan pic has been there since June.It is part of my post on my trip to PD on a working holiday. Check out the June archive for a posting that carries some more pics.

Wow... you'd be retiring to a life in PD. That's cool..