Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Tanks on fire!

There seems to be a link in what's been happening to me in the past few weeks. In my previous post on the 123 Book Tag, I picked a book called The Smoke Jumper which is a story about fire-fighters.

On Sunday evening, I received a call from a colleague telling me that a fuel storage tank belonging to our client at Tanjung Langsat Port has caught fire. I managed to get a close look at the raging fire earlier today. At that time, only one tank was ablaze. Unfortunately, around 7pm, strong winds caused the fire to lick the top of a neighbouring tank and thus setting the second tank alight.

A huge team of firemen from various stations are fighting hard to control the inferno. No casualties have been reported. Cause of the blaze is still being investigated.

I just got back from the scene about an hour ago. The two tanks are still hot and raging when I left the place. Here are some pics that I managed to take. Updates to follow.

Tank No.1 caught fire on the evening of 17.08.08. Note Tank No.2 on the right still intact.

Tank No.2 also caught fire on evening of 18.08.08 after strong winds blew the fire across from Tank No.1

Footnote :
1. The Star Online carries the story here -> 16,000 tonne tank ablaze
2. Berita Harian's story here -> Tangki petrol pelabuhan terbakar

Update 19.08.08 @ 13:30 hours :
The Star Online update story here -> Another fuel tank goes up in flames

Update 19.08.08 @ 20:30 hours :

Both tanks are still ablaze. The Fire & Rescue Department has mobilized additional help from out of state, including their air chopper support team.

Occasional strong winds are making the job difficult for the firemen who are trying their best to prevent the fire from spreading to a third tank.

View of the blazing tanks from distance

Air support from Bomba's helicopter


VersedAnggerik said...

That looks scary!

Bet you could feel the heat from miles away eh?

Anyway, take care. Don't try to be a hero there eh? Hehehe.....

Oldstock said...


I was standing about 1km away and could feel the heat. There was a small explosion when the 2nd tank caught fire. I scrambled into my car and drove away a bit further. Later, to take the pic of the two tanks burning, I sneaked a bit closer.

Takde la nak jadi hero. The firemen are the ones putting their lives at risk.

Hmm... how come Mariah Carey's song is now running in my head?

VersedAnggerik said...

2nd tank dah caught fire ke?

Yesterday, in the news, they said it was contained and would not spread to the next tank! Must be chaotic there.

Mariah Carey? Yang mana satu? Always Be My Baby? Dreamlover? Or the older songs... yang dulu2?

Patricia said...

Scary pix, Oldstock. Somehow it seems more real seeing it in your blog, than seeing it in the msm. Strange.

They look dangerous. As did the smoke-filled pix of the plane that crashed in Madrid.

Luckily, no one was killed here in Malaysia.

Emila Yusof said...

Fadhil, lagu 'Hero' is it?

Terrible fire! Any news on what caused the fire?

jabishah said...

Hi Oldstock,
(Seriously, I find it uncomfortable calling you that ;-))
I hope things are back to normal now. Were there any casualties? I hope not. What caused it anyway? Quite an experience you had there.
You take care now.

Oldstock said...

-> Pat, pics in the msm were taken at some distance. I managed to take mine at a closer range when only one tank was burning, at that time from the building where our site office was located.

When the second tank caught fire, all personnel were told to vacate the building.

-> Emila, betul lah lagu Hero tu... :-). Cause of fire still being investigated.

Oldstock said...

Jabishah, no need to feel uneasy to call me by my nick. The name was coined by friends in college a long, long time ago. After going for further studies, it dropped out of use until recently when I decided to write a blog and chose my old nickname as a callsign.

When we were at college, most of us got called by our nicknames. Some of us had nicks that are so mind-boggling... I'd like to give examples here but there were so many interesting ones. Maybe I'll post it as a blog story soon.

If you don't like to call me Oldstock now (when I'm actually already an old man), imagine what it was like for me when I got called that when I was still 17 years old. But I didn't mind it then, not at all.

The fire was put out on Wednesday afternoon but the cause is being investigated. We have only resumed work yesterday but still not at full pace yet.

Anonymous said...

Hello Encik Fadhil,
Am glad no one was injured and that you too are safe. Great pics! Such experiences serve to remind us of the fragility of life and how we just need to seize the day and live each one as though it is our last lest we have regrets.
Ah - we are still young...Here's wishing you and your family a lifetime of heartwarming experiences.
May Allah watch over all of you always.

Oldstock said...


Thanks for the kind wishes.