Saturday, 31 January 2009

A different view

In my post `The view from the hillside' last month, I wrote about the breathtaking view of KLCC from the balcony of my brother-in-law's apartment in Bukit Antarabangsa. Subsequent to the landslide incident on 6 December 2008, my BIL has swopped the KLCC view with a different one.

On Thursday, I helped him move house to a new condo unit at Bukit Jalil. The new place is just across the National Sports Complex and the view from the living room windows is the luscious greens of the Bukit Jalil Country Club. My BIL hopes that this move is permanent. Having stayed at three different houses at the Bukit Antarabangsa area for almost 15 years, it was a bit difficult for him to decide to live elsewhere. He had experienced the earlier crisis years ago where a landslide blocked the only access to Bukit Antarabangsa. At that time, the road to Ukay Perdana was not constructed yet.

This latest landslide prompted him to search for new dwellings and the quality and convenience of the new location made him decide instantly. Although the name `Bukit Jalil' implies a hill, this condominium is not built on or adjacent to a hillslope. The following pics are some views from the new unit located on the 20th floor.

My brother-in-law is one of those guys who loves the view from high up whereas I am more a `down-to-earth' guy. When I do get the chance to build my own dream house, it would be a single-storey bungalow with acres of space all around.


D said...

hehehe.. a 'down-to-earth' guy, eh? As long as it's not 6 feet under udah la!!

HLiza said...

Oh same here! I hate living high up in the idea of heavenly life is in a spacious stairs, no lifts.

umi jawa said...

fuyooo...gayat la..tinggi bebenor tu, ting 20 tu.. tp mmg ader org yg suka dream house, umah kg, umah kayu jati..really tradisional..."down to earth' ke tu? :)) take care

Oldstock said...


Six feet under is somewhere we'll have to go to... heheheh.

As for now, I'd like to have my feet on firm ground. I'm afraid of heights.

Oldstock said...


Good for you. Try to avoid stairs wherever possible. Bila dah tua nanti, sure malas nak panjat tangga.

Oldstock said...

Hi umi jawa,

Welcome. Hope you get to live in your dream house... rumah kampung satu tingkat diperbuat dgn kau jati. Menarik tu... :-)

hanitha said...

bro, umi jawa tu i la, hanitha. i kena post comment thru my gmail akaun n my nick is umi jawa ehehehe...u mesti ingat org lain kan..ahaks..

Oldstock said...

Laa... umi jawa @ hanitha. Hang ni buat aku konpius je la... :-)