Saturday, 13 June 2009

Weekend at home

For the past four consecutive weekends, I have been away on the road. This meant that the normal chores that I do on weekends have been neglected. The plants in my compound have overgrown and my garden is an embarassment.

This weekend therefore, shall be spent at home and catching up on tasks that are long overdue. It started this afternoon with cleaning of the fish tanks. Work will continue tomorrow with some trimming and re-potting of plants. No posts about weddings or makan angin. Instead I'll leave you with an interlude that came to mind after I read blogger Andrea's entry that contained the `F' word...

Mencarut dalam kelas

Dalam sebuah sekolah rendah, terdapat seorang budak darjah 3 bernama Dollah. Dia dimarahi oleh gurunya (Cikgu Saodah) kerana mencarut di dalam kelas dengan menyebut f**k. Lalu Cikgu Saodah pun mendenda Dollah dengan berdiri di atas meja.

"Dollah!! Kenapa kamu mencarut tadi?" tanya Cikgu Saodah.

Dengan perasaan hairan Dollah pun jawap, "Erk, saya mencarut ke Cikgu? Saya ikut bapak saya cakap je…"

"Kamu tau ke apa maksud perkataan yang kamu sebut tadi?" tanya Cikgu Saodah lagi.

"Tahu Cikgu," jawap Dollah dengan yakin. "F**k tu maksudnya enjin kereta tokleh start Cikgu.."


Anonymous said...

Oldstock, that Dollah story kinda reminds me of the time when I brought my then 9-year old twin nephews for shopping. At that time, the brand FCUK was very hot and my nephews would point wildly to every FCUK advertisement and signage and would purposely misread the acronym (at the top of their voices, no doubt) to that of the "F" word. *laughs*

Chahya said...

What? Darjah 3?
I didnt even know what it meant when I was in secondary school...*innocent* LOL

HLiza said...

Selamat mengemas rumah..he he..mesti seronok Cik Puan Oldstock..masa nilah nak goyang kaki.

Madam Markonah said...

To share my experience, I learn this lesson the hard way. I had been married 6 years before I had any children so swearing while driving was a habit that I didn't care to do away with. When kids came along, it was tough trying to break that habit. THough I tried, sometimes, terkeluar juga sepatah dua.

One day, as I was driving with my then 3-yr old daughter next to me, something happened that made me went "mangkuk..." but I stopped mid-sentence. To my horror, the little munchkin next to me completed the sentence, "mangkuk ayunn!!" Imagine if I had used a filthier word??

Since then, I have been trying to create a new habit of filling my mouth with zikir while driving hehehe... Still working on it though!

DrSam said...

Nice one.

kids really learn very fast, especially from adult.

D said...

The young are like sponges, aren't they?! Only sometimes you feel like washing those filthy mouths (esp over here)with soap and perhaps some chillies! :)

Patricia said...

Both my kiddos came home when in Darjah 1, with this brand new word. One used it, the other asked me what it meant!!

It's banned in my house - from husband, to me, to my two twenty-year-olds!!

There are other adjectives we can learn to use ;)

Pak Zawi said...

The children learns things from the parents especially their action. Regret to find out later both my sons smoked while in school because thay saw me smoking at home.

Oldstock said...


Very smart nephews you've got there, heheheh.

Oldstock said...

Err... Puan Chahya, sungguh innesen anda semasa zaman kanak2 tu ye, heheheh :-)

Oldstock said...


Puan Oldstock bertugas mengemas bahagian dalam rumah eg. vacuuming the room etc.

Anything outside, that's my job.

Oldstock said...


Mangkuk ayun tu kira not too bad la... pandai jugak anak you mengkompletekan ayat tu ye, hehehe..

I tend to swear too while driving, especially when some jerk cut into my lane. Kadang-kadang terlepas jugak F-word in front of my kids.

Setakat ni I tak dengar lagi diaorang use it but I guess behind me, they could probably be using it too.

Oldstock said...


Yup, can't blame the kids for learning fast, can we?

Oldstock said...


The threat to cuci our mulut with sabun is used in the times of our parents only... I don't think it'll work with present-day kids.

As for my kids, I don't threaten them... I just stare at them, long and hard. If they have done something to cause me to speak my mind, then they'll be in deep trouble. So far, it works.

Oldstock said...


Wow... darjah 1 dah tahu F-word. Good of you to ban it in your household.

We have a pretty decent household too (my wife keeps a tight rein on our sons verbal expressions) but it is me who is guilty sometimes. I get easily pissed off by impatient people on the road.

Oldstock said...

Pak Zawi,

Dah takleh buat apa dah tu... Hopefully your sons do follow you on the good examples too. We always pray that our children will grow up to be better than us, don't we?