Friday, 25 June 2010

The games are getting interesting...

It is already halfway into the World Cup 2010 campaign and I have yet to post anything about football. How come?

I am somewhat uninterested in following this year’s tournament compared to previous editions. I am not supporting any particular team. I would have supported England as I have done on earlier occasions, except that this time around, I think they have the weakest squad of players ever.

Anyway, what prompted me to post about the World Cup in South Africa is the Italy – Slovakia game last night. I caught the game on big screen at a mamak restaurant in Taman Melawati. I hadn’t intended to do so. On the way back from the office, I stopped by the bank to withdraw money from the ATM. The noise from the nearby restaurant caught my attention and I could not resist going over there and take a seat. As it happens, I had not had my dinner yet. And so, over a plate of mee goreng and a glass of teh tarik kurang manis, I enjoyed a thrilling soccer match in the company of other football fans.

The atmosphere of watching football at a mamak makan place is entirely different from sitting at home and watching it alone on the flat-screen TV. Although I do not know anybody in that small crowd, I can easily exchange remarks with the guys sitting at the other tables around me. The dramatic game itself helped heighten the lively atmosphere.

I was cheering for Slovakia last night… for no particular reason except for the fact that Liverpool’s defender Martin Skrtel is in the Slovakian team (I am an Anfield supporter) and maybe because I like to root for the underdogs. Defending champions Italy were defeated by a tiny European nation playing in the finals for their first time. Skrtel’s goalmouth clearance was one of the key moments of the game that helped Slovakia maintain their lead and finishing as winners by 3 - 2. They are now through to the last 16 knockout stage.

So now, both the holders and runner-up of the 2006 World Cup are packing their bags to go home. Favourites to win the title remain the teams from South America (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay) and those from Europe (Germany, Holland, Spain and Portugal). So which one will I support now? None of them… I think I’ll cheer for Ghana.

The tournament now is sure becoming interesting.

Skrtel blocked an Italian scoring attempt right on the goal line. Pic borrowed from


D said...

Tee Hee! I don't support any particular team because I'm not much of a footie fan (Go Wimbledon, go!!). But since everyone is cheering for England, we do the same for the fun of it(but I cringe watching them playing so sloppily on the field). My youngest boy supports the winning team in every game, even though he's actually a fan of Brazil and England. LOL

liyas said... cup.. I am only interested in the final score. Sleeping is better than watching those 24+3 men kejar bola hehe..I support South Korea and Japan..really hope one of them in the final since a lot people aready supported big teams. I go for small teams..and hopefully they will bring the big teams to their knees to really prove that 'bola itu bulat' hmm..really feel very proud when that happen...dont know why.

lili said...

So, Oldstock the accidental football watcher last night! Hehe, I know the feeling of watching ramai2 kat kedai mamak with strangers! Hmm... men dengan football...sanggup bersekang mata!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Wah Oldstock, u work too darn hard lah, steady lah :)

Nothing like watching games in live atmosphere but live telecast bolih kira ok lah if u r surrounded by rowdy armchair critics...hehehe. They r the BEST coaches, referees & players (3 in 1)..hahaha. Best too if they can chant the teams' song.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Oldstock said...


I like to watch Wimbledon too, although I don't play any tennis.

It used to be fun supporting the England team those years ago. Lineker, Brooking and even Gazza. Nowadays, I think only Gerrard and maybe Lampard are worth mentioning.

The best Brazil team was the one captained by a doctor named Socrates..

Oldstock said...


Yes, supporting the small teams gives some measure of satisfaction when they unexpectedly win.

Thanks for dropping by... how come clicking on your name leads to an online sales page? I hope you are not spamming us ;-)

Oldstock said...


When it comes to late night football, us men make friends quite easily :-)

Oldstock said...


I take your point about working hard... I'm taking it easy at the workfront for the next two months.

Australia is out. Ghana has just beaten USA last night. Things are sure hotting up.

You enjoy the rest of the World Cup too my friend.

Nurie said...

In saudi, the timing of the world cup matches is so 5pm and at 9.00pm. So tak payah nak stay up :-)
It is always 3x the excitement when we watch world cup with frens. Nowadays we have makan makan world cup gatherings!

My fav- off course spain becoz of Torres. But I do like the way Portugal play too. England pulak by default kena support. Ghana kena support jugak for africa :-)

I guess a women can never decide huh!

Oldstock said...


Ghana has beaten USA, so boleh continue support Ghana.

For Germany - England game, I support England la... bagi chan sikit :-)