Monday, 7 March 2011

Zul and Nurul's Special Day

My brother-in-law, Zulkipli Mohd Amin tied the knot with a young lady from Hutan Melintang in Perak, last month. As usual, I took a lot of photos of the event, both at the bride's and the groom's side. I was too busy with work and other stuff to compile them properly... until the enforced time-off this weekend (see previous post) enabled me to create a simple video of the still pics.

I welcome Nurul-huda Ismail into this large family of ours... may your marriage be blessed and showered with happiness always, insyaAllah.

The related story of the engagement ceremony last year was posted here -> A new addition to the family.


Lili said...

Everything's nice here. The happy faces, the beautiful song and even the 'gorgeous' kambing panggang!

Hehehe, gambar yang last tu yang mahal! Patutnya ambillah dengan your better half! ;D

Kalau ada butang 'like' I dah tekan dah!

Btw, who sang that song?

Oldstock said...


Didn't want to include pic with my better half la... nanti pengantin jeles.. hehe...

This same vid also uploaded in my FB, so you can `like' it there :-)

Song by Hafiz AF.... currently top hit on most radio stations.