Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Automated banking services

Nowadays, we are so used to using machines for our daily banking transactions that we ignore the fact the first ATM was invented and came into service before most of us were even born. The Automated Teller Machine was invented by a Scotsman named John Shepherd-Barron who thought of the idea after being locked out of his bank. The first cash dispensing machine was made available to customers by Barclays Bank at their branch in Enfield town in England in 1967.

After the ATMs, banks offered us other machines to help us do transactions without the need to approach the counter. Someone came up with the brilliant idea that since we have a machine that spits out cash, why not have a machine that swallows it? Hence the Cash Deposit Machine or CDM. But why just stop at cash? We now have the cheque deposit machine too.

The convenience of having such machines is plainly obvious. I am now able to do the most routine of my banking needs outside office hours when parking would be much easier (have you noticed that bank branches are always located where parking is notoriously so difficult?). The flip side of this is I seldom get to meet the human bank tellers anymore and somewhat miss the personal interaction of such occasions. I can assure you there are quite a number of sweet and helpful lady tellers out there...

I was attempting to make a cash deposit at a machine last night when I realised that I am a customer of most of the major banks in Malaysia. I say `attempting' because the machines at this particular bank were out of service. This is where the performance of such machines differentiates the level of service from one bank to another. For the past few months, making a loan repayment via their CDM has been quite a chore because the machines have difficulty in accepting legitimate new notes, especially the RM50 ones. I have sent feedback via their website earlier this morning. Let's see if they reply within the 2 working days as stated.

Ok then.... before readers get any wrong ideas, I must clarify that being a customer of so many banks does NOT mean I have tons of money. Some are savings accounts while others are loan accounts and credit cards. In fact, I owe the banks more money than what I have kept with them. How I wish it can be the other way round.


Pat said...

I hate going to banks! I hate having to make a withdrawal and being made to feel like a robber trying to steal someone's money! Hahahaha! Plus, with the eczema on my fingers, if verification of my identity is needed - say, I want to open a new account - it's not possible, because my thumbprint bunga tak kesan on the scanner!!!

So, most of my dealings with banks now is online. And I'm loving it :) The less I see of them, and they of me, works for me just fine!

mamasita said...

Oldstock!Let everybody think you have a lot of money..tu dah macam doa..InsyaAllah it may become a reality! Ameen.

At times I still use the old-fashioned style..congok depan counter..:D

Oldstock said...

Pat, somehow I still feel a bit apprehensive doing banking transactions online. I go online to my bank account just to check the statement.

My missus has the same problem as you with regards to the thumbprint check. The prints on her fingers are not readable.

Oldstock said...

Mamasita, yes hopefully I can have that lot of money... amin.

Actually I like to do counter transactions... just so I can see some smiles that would brighten my day. But sometimes the officer on duty still direct me to the machines (because the amount of money I want to withdraw is just not big enough... duh!)

DrSam said...

I hardly go to the bank these days which is a good thing for the same reason you stated above - cramp and limited parking space. Online banking make our life much-much easier.

p/s: looking forward to have your address for the project (not because you have load of money - consider doa juga ni:)

Oldstock said...

Salam Doc,

My address is already in your email.