Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I hope I won't get kicked by my friend Versedanggerik for this...

Three kicks

A lawyer was out shooting and shot a duck. As he was about to pick it up, a farmer appeared. "This is my land", said the farmer, "so that is my duck".

"I shot it," said the lawyer. "That means it is my duck and I will sue you to prove it."

"Round here, we don’t hold with court cases," said the farmer. "We go by the Three Kicks Law. I kick you three times; and if you can get back on your feet and kick me three times, the duck is yours."

The lawyer, reckoning he could kick far harder than any farmer, said: "Fair enough." So the farmer kicked him once in the knee, then in the ribs and finally in the groin. "All right," groaned the lawyer, stumbling back on his feet, "now it's my turn."

"Oh, forget it," said the farmer. "You can have the duck."


Pat said...

I love lawyer jokes! And this one rocks!

Sometimes, that's just how I feel: I don't care who's right or wrong - I just want to HURT whomever it is!!!!

Wan Sharif said...

Love the joke .. Any jokes infact..
Always find your postings on food interesting and I took note of the places mentioned... To make relevant a bit difficult.. You see .. I normally hantam saja apa yang ada ..jarang bersisa ;)))

Anonymous said...

ROTFL. That's a good one.

Here's another one:
A man walks into a bar with a 12-inch tall man who immediately walks over to the piano and started playing it beautifully.

"What's the deal?" the bartender asked the minder.

"Aw..well, you know the story. I met a genie. He grants me a wish. I asked for a 12-inch penis. Genie was partially deaf"

Oldstock said...

Pat, sometimes we just need to let off some steam.. hehe..

Oldstock said...

Ayoh Wang,

All those postings on food and makan places are just a convenient way to combine my hobbies of makan, writing and a bit of photography. You need not worry about commenting... food stories are sometimes just meant to read. But if you do manage to try out those places I wrote about, just bear in mind that my tastebuds sometimes do not represent the norm :-)

Oldstock said...


Hahaha! 12 inches huh?

Here's another similar one :

A shabbily-dressed man walks into a pub with a duck under his arm. He places the duck on the bar and orders a pint.

Pub owner asks, `What's with the pig?'

Man replies, `It's a duck, you idiot!'

Pub owner doesn't bat an eyelid. `I was talking to the duck.'

VersedAnggerik said...


Will "flying kick" U personally the next time I see U.

*good one, this post!*

Oldstock said...

Whoa.... better get myself some padded protection to absorb those kicks from Verse, hehe...