Thursday, 9 August 2012

Iftar with an old friend

I had iftar (the breaking of fast) with an old friend and ex-colleague earlier today. My friend, Wan Mohd Ibzaini and I used to work in the same engineering firm many years ago. We were once involved in the same construction project at Penang Port in Butterworth in 2006. Ibzaini is now supervising a dredging project in Pasir Gudang.

I took my friend to a seafood restaurant at Senibong, near Permas Jaya in JB. Senibong is a small village located on the coastline of the straits that separates Singapore from Johor. It is a popular spot for seafood dinner because there are a number of good restaurants located in a row of stilt buildings built over the water. Generally, the food here is expensive... most likely due to the purchasing power of our neighbours from the other side of the water. But having said that, I guess people continue to flock to this place because the restaurants serve quite delicious food.

I haven't been to Senibong for quite a while, so I thought it was timely to introduce my friend to this makan place which happen to be one of my favourites. It is called Permata Senibong Seafood & Steamboat (No. 8). Putting aside our cholesterol worries for a while (both Ibzaini and myself are on cholesterol medication), we had crabs, prawns, mussels and a unique vegetable dish called crispy kailan. Simply delicious...

Ketam telur masin (crab cooked in salted eggs)
Kupang masak cili (mussels in chilli sauce)
Crispy kailan
P/s : Sorry for the blurry pics. They were taken using my BB phone. The camera on my previous SE phone is much better.


Jehan Bakar said...

That crispy kailan looks like a kind of kerabu. Mesti sedap kannn?

I ni bulan puasa mmg craving ke kerabu jer untuk berbuka.

Oldstock said...

Ahan, the crispy kailan looks like kerabu but doesn't taste like one. It is actually `rangup' but still `sedap'. I think they finely shred the vege and then deep-fry it it some way.

Craving you ni... ada apa-apa ke? Hehe...

DrSam said...

So far this year, I haven't gatecrashed into any of the eating outlets for iftar (yet). Your delicious iftar's menu however, really give me a hard time to resist the temptation :)

Oldstock said...

Doc, I have reduced my external iftar by quite a lot this year. Dah dua tiga kali ada orang ajak buka puasa kat hotel buffet but I declined. This one was just a simple meal with an old colleague, an opportunity to catch up on latest updates of each other.