Monday, 24 December 2012

Weekend family picnic

I have previously written of this holiday place called Warisan Bernam Agro Resort owned by a brother-in-law of mine, located on the banks of Sungai Bernam that forms the border between Selangor and Perak.

We went there again yesterday after last going there more than a year ago. My BIL invited in-laws from his wife's side of the family and we had a lovely picnic by the riverside. The weather also played its part... except for a five-minute brief spell of rain, it was a wonderfully dry day all along. The kids and parents had a splashing time dipping themselves in the cool running river water.

I had a brief dip in the river myself but spent most of the time trying to improve my photo-taking skills in capturing landscape and macro shots. Here are some pics from yesterday's outing.

Warisan Bernam Agro Resort, front view of A-shaped huts
Stream running at the rear
Purple flowers, but donno the name lah...
Smoky picnic site...
And the smoke coming from this BBQ pit
Bee on purple flower


Al-Manar said...

Is that all, young man?

Noir Hussen said...

Hmm ... trickling stream? haven't had that for ages. perhaps I shpuld check this place out, Old Stock

Oldstock said...

Pakcik, you mean that's all for the post or for the photos?

I was killing some time just now while waiting for preparations to fly off to Kuching. That's why the short post with just some pics. If I delayed the posting, then it would be overdue by the time I return.

If you mean the pics, then I have quite a few more... but it would take too long to upload using my USB modem connection.

Oldstock said...

Noir, the stream trickles at some parts but fast flowing at some others. I had a dip at a deeper part of the river (just knee-deep actually) and sat between some stones where the cascading water felt like a natural massage.

Wan F said...

Oldstock. Been following your blog all this while, cuma tak buat apa2 komen je. Am doing just fine but busy with a year old cucu in the house.

Think I need to check out this place too. How do we get there (without GPS assistance)?

MamaTim said...

Assalammu'alaikum.. Nice place! Not been to Johor except one transit long ago when I landed in Changi and spent a nite at a friend's house before flying balik kampung. This place seems wonderful for a great weekend breakaway to destress; and good for kids too, right?

This post and seeing many friends holidaying at Legoland should sum as cue that it's high time to head South. But school break's ending soon, hmmm... postpone lagi!

Zendra-Maria said...

Glad you all had a good time enhancing sirratulrahim with family and other creatures.

Good shots of the bee and grasshopper... errr, were you too scared to get closer... (that you might scare them away, that is)? hehehe...

zafi said...

When you able to run away from the hazardous city life to the greener land, it feels amazing isn't it?

Oh the alluring BBQ menu...!

Indeed a good family momento :)

Oldstock said...

Kak Wan,

Sori lambat respond. Nice to have a cucu to keep you busy kan?

Ok, to get to this place from KL, take the NSE and exit at Tg Malim. From the toll booth, you drive straight ahead and take 2nd left turn to Tg Malim town (i.e. you'll be taking the by-pass road). Drive on until you reach UPSI campus traffic lite junction. The track to the river is on your right hand side, so you need to make a u-turn at the traffic lite.

You have to drive in further another along a kampung track (poorly paved at certain stretches) before you reach this place. There are actually 2 privately run resorts along this river. The one belonging to my BIL is the second one you see.

If you want to spend the nite, there are simple one-room chalets with attached bathroom for rental. Otherwise, a day trip for Klang valley folks is also possible.

Oldstock said...

Alaikum salam Mama Tim,

This place is in Tg Malim, by the Bernam River. Lovely place for kids if you don't expect too much in terms of frills and facilities.

I've yet to visit Legoland myself, basically because my sons have grown past that age-level.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Oldstock said...

Kak Zen,

That's the closest that I got of the grasshopper pic, the limit of my camera lens capability. The grasshopper was not that difficult to take, it didn't fly away.

The bee was the difficult shot. I had to crouch down and wait for quite a while before it landed on a flower that was near enough for me to capture a pic.

But to be serious about it, I have to invest in a good macro lens to take better close-up pics. Yang ni setakat, suka-suka je...

Oldstock said...


Yes, I prefer to spend free time in the green outdoors (rivers and mountains) rather than the beaches. BBQ is naturally a must, when we have a picnic like this.

You still over there in the UK, young man?