Sunday, 27 January 2013

Best wishes... all around

It has been a really packed weekend. Three weddings and one birthday. So my best wishes go to 4 persons in the past 2 days...

1. Selamat Pengantin Baru to my lovely niece, Noraliah Nawawi who tied the knot with a handsome gentleman from Selangor, Joreme Othman, yesterday 26 January 2013. Aliah is the eldest child of my brother-in-law Nawawi Mohd Amin and his wife Noraini Uteh. The wedding reception was held at Rawang, Selangor.

Joe and Aliah... semuga hidup bahagia dan berkekalan, insyaAllah
My previous reference to my niece in a blog post -> Faster than CNN

2. Selamat Terima Menantu to my good friend, Mohd Tahir Hamdan, whose eldest son's wedding reception was held earlier today in Johor Bahru. Tahir and I worked together in the same department at my very first workplace.

Old pals
My previous reference to my friend Md Tahir in a blog post -> No silver lining in the dark clouds over Perak

3. The same wish of Selamat Terima Menantu to another good friend, Prof Shahrin Mohamad, whose eldest son also got married today. The reception was held at UTM Johor Bahru. Shahrin is a former classmate from my MRSM Kuantan days. We also did our A-levels at the same college in Wrexham, North Wales.

Another old pal
4. Happy Birthday to our youngest boy, Imran Azizi. He is 18 years old today and just completed his SPM exams last year. Now taking on a part-time job to fill up his time.

No longer a child... but still our baby
So there you have it... weddings of three children who are anak sulong, and the birthday of one who is anak bongsu. May the Almighty grant his blessings to them all. Isn't life wonderful?


DrSam said...

Salam Oldstock. A good start for another good year. Meeting old buddies will bring back all those memories...the good one. And Happy belated birthday to your youngest son. My eldest son is the same age as your youngest.

Oldstock said...

Salam Doc,

Yes, it has been a good start to the new year. Hope you had a good start too in whatever new venture you are now exploring.

So what's your eldest son planning to do? Mine has not made up his mid yet...

zafi said...

Hi Uncle Oldstock,

Happy days when meeting old friends and obviously attending happy events. Oh btw, Happy Birthday to your youngest one as well! Time flies, ur youngest is going to uni very soon. InsyaAllah... :)

Oldstock said...

Hi Zafi,

Yes, we should savour our happy days as much as we can. Hopefully our youngest get to go to the college of his choice... then it'll just be me and the missus at home.