Saturday, 31 October 2015

Johor Football Back To Glory

The Johor football team has created history tonight. They beat the team from Tajikistan to win the AFC Cup final, the first time a team from Malaysia has done it.

It was the narrowest of wins. A single goal against 3 in the net from the opponents which were overruled for offside. An element of luck perhaps, but having started as the underdogs and playing at a venue thousands of miles away from home, every single bit of good fortune is most appreciated.
For the past few years, the impact of Johor football in the national soccer scene has been obvious. Credit must go to the Tunku Mahkota for having the vision and leadership in driving this transformation. It brings to memory the glory days of the late 80's when Johor was the Malaysia Cup champion.

The last time I watched a match at the Larkin Stadium was when the team had Nasir Yusof aka The Professor marshalling the midfield. Maybe it is time again for me to sit in the stands at Larkin to enjoy the live atmosphere.

Congratulations to JDT!  Hope for more success to come.

A Singapore registered car in JDT colours. Pic obtained via Whatsapp circulation...


Lee said...

Hi Oldstock, how you doin'? Where I am football not that popular unlike Ice Hockey or baseball...
Good to see Johore team doing well....
Have a nice day,
best regards,

Oldstock said...

Hi Lee. Long time no news. I sometimes try to read your blog but somehow it is not accessible.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. Hope the cold weather over there is not causing too much problems.

I do watch baseball on TV sometimes. Nice interesting game. But ice hockey doesn't inspire me that much.

Take care.