Saturday, 24 January 2009

A male internal plumbing problem

Of late, the posts in this blog has been getting sparse. From a regular posting every 3-4 days, it has now dropped to once a week.

The past fortnight was a bit more hectic than usual. Work commitments aside, a large part of the last week was spent attending to my father-in-law's medical condition. He suffers from prostate cancer, considered the most common cancer disease afflicting men, especially those aged above 50 years old.

We have known about this ailment for some time. My FIL had undergone treatment at a few specialists before but nothing much could be done primarily due to his advanced age. He is 93-years old. When we received news the previous week that he was admitted to the district hospital in Mersing due to urinary complications, we knew the advanced stage of the disease has begun.

After a few days at Mersing Hospital, we transferred him to the Johor Specialist Hospital in Johor Bahru. The Consultant Urologist at JSH reviewed my FIL's case and advised that a prostatic stent be inserted to relieve the blockage caused by the enlarged prostate. This procedure does not involve surgery and in my FIL's situation, the only practical option available. The insertion of the stent however, does not treat the prostate itself. It is just a measure taken to enable my FIL to pee. The application of drugs to treat the prostate has shown mixed results and in any case, takes too long to be effective.

The insertion procedure was carried out yesterday afternoon. My FIL is now recovering but the full effect of the process is yet to be seen. As I've mentioned, we still need to consider the state of the cancer of the prostate itself. It seems that nothing much can be done about that. There will come a time when there is nothing else that we can do, but pray.


HLiza said...

It's hard when not much can be done..makes us feel so hopeless and sad. Praying that things won't hurt so much for him..and miracles will be on your side. I guess we can still give him happiness and hope.

Oldstock said...


Thanks for the prayers. It's tough for us to see the old man in pain. Semuga Allah swt meringankan dugaan yang dilalui.

hanitha said...

salam bro,semoga bapa mertua u segera sembuh..i know the feeling...semasa arwah bapa koma.. kami pon tk tau aper nk buat..hanya doa n kehadiran kami je sentiasa di sisi dia ..harap2 dier dpt merasainya..
ajal itu pasti namun, kita susah tuk melepaskannya.. i missed my father so much

Sharimar said...

hi, hope your fil will get well soon. As you have mentioned earlier,we gotta have "Strength to face challenges and adversities"..

fie the elf said...

I'll pray for your FIL.

Be strong.


Anonymous said...


our sincere prayers for ur FIL..

Oldstock said...


Terima kasih atas ingatan anda. Rasanya, kemungkinan my FIL nak sembuh tu tipis sekali kerana kanser prostate tu akan terus merebak. Buat masa ni usaha kami hanya setakat cuba meringankan kesakitan.

Oldstock said...

Hi Sharimar,

Pleased to see that you've found my blog. I've had a peek at yours... you sure have some beautiful dress designs there. Do you have an actual outlet or are sales only done online?

As for my FIL, he was supposed to be discharged today but the doctor detained him for another few days because of other complications. Thanks for the wishes.

Oldstock said...


Thanks for the wishes and the hugs. It is now has become a time of `waiting', if you know what I mean.

Oldstock said...

Mie, thanks for the prayers.