Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Back in JB after babysitting duty

We are now back home in Johor Bahru after two weeks of babysitting our twin granddaughters at their parents' home in Sungai Buloh, Selangor. The purpose of that temporary care shall be explained in another posting, together with the wonderful and enlightening experience of taking care of two 20-month old girls.

This post is just to mark the return to our normal routine as two grandparents who now miss their granddaughters very much. The photo is my lunch on the first day back to the office after the fortnight break. Nasi ambeng ayam kicap at Dapur Moreish in Taman Impian Emas.

Nasi ambeng is a rice dish from the ethnic Javanese community. Very popular in Johor.

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

What are those 4?

It has been a while since I last flew, the pandemic-enforced travel restrictions notwithstanding. I'm trying to recall when was the last time I boarded a plane to travel anywhere. Was it when my wife and I flew to Makassar in Indonesia for our son's graduation in December 2016? Or did I make a domestic air trip following that? I can't be sure. What's certain is that I no longer travel by air as often as I did when I was working full-time. Those frequent-flyer points I collected many years ago have most likely expired.

Today, somewhat unexpectedly, I find myself in transit at KLIA, waiting to catch a flight to Bintulu in Sarawak. I was on the 11.10am plane from Senai Airport in Johor Bahru which landed just past noon time at Sepang. The connection to Bintulu departs at 5.20pm, meaning I have around 5 hours to kill. I thought I'd go to the Food Garden food court, which, if my memory serves me, is on the mezzanine floor not far from the arrival hall. I believe that's the only location in the whole of the airport where the food outlets' menu prices are not at tourist level.

As I was heading in search of Food Garden, I spotted a fast-food restaurant that I have not seen before. Its main selling point is crispy fried chicken. The place wasn't too busy and I eyed an unoccupied corner table which would suit nicely as a place to while the hours without feeling as if I'm hoarding space. I made the detour, stood in line at the short ordering queue and bought a meal set comprising of 1 piece drumstick and 3 pieces wing plus hot jasmine green tea. Of course, I had to pay the high tourist prices lah. My brunch for the day.

And so, here I am at 4 Fingers KLIA, munching on some fried chicken and people-watching at the same time. With so much time to spare, I thought it would be nice to make use of the free wi-fi and do some blogging on the tab. That's the least that this long-neglected blog deserves.

Well, those chicken pieces may be a tad expensive but they sure tasted good.

A hand has four fingers and one thumb, is that not so? Haha...

The whole meal cost me RM27.40. Not surprising.

Monday, 30 May 2022

A teacher who is close to his students' hearts


It is normal to hear of students who visit their former teachers after they have long left school. It is quite rare to hear of the reverse - teachers who make the effort to visit their former students. My former secondary school teacher at MRSM Kuantan is one such rare breed.

Cikgu Zamri Mohamed Isa taught me Chemistry when I was in Form Four. When our Pioneer batch held their annual reunion in Johor Bahru three years ago, I volunteered to help by picking up Cikgu Zamri and his wife when they arrived at Senai Airport. Last Saturday morning, I received a call from him saying that he is in Kluang at his daughter's house and was wondering if I was at home in Johor Bahru. Of course, I was honoured that he would like to come over and visit. I shared the location of my house and a few hours later, Cikgu Zamri and his family arrived at our humble abode in Kampung Melayu Majidee.

A convenient coincidence in that my better half had cooked Laksa Johor that very morning, which made it a special serving for our guests from Kuantan.

Cikgu Zamri is well-liked by hundreds of his former students from his teaching career spanning three decades at a number of MRSMs. The oft-spoken trait of his, as mentioned by many former students is his remarkable memory of the full name of his students.

Monday, 23 May 2022

Mothers and daughters-in-law


Three generations of ladies in our family

Four mothers and three daughters-in-law in the same pic. A rare photo indeed. Only possible because international borders have re-opened and Aidilfitri celebrations can return back to normal. This photograph would have been perfect if our three granddaughters were in it. It would then show 4 generations of ladies in our family. But the eldest granddaughter was in a reticent mood while the twins were already asleep.

Praise be to The Almighty... "Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?"

Saturday, 30 April 2022

The twins first time visit to their father's hometown

Our 2nd son and his family came down to JB for a visit. So we took the opportunity to do some raya shopping for the twins. Sogo department store at Mid Valley Southkey was the destination.

Both girls were still recovering from slight flu and it was quite a challenge to cater to their occasional grumpy mood. When all the coaxing and cajoling do not seem to work, this grandfather suggests that we all take a drive and explore the various places in Johor Bahru that they have not been to before. Apparently, the smooth ride and cool interior of Tok Abah's car were quite relaxing and put them at ease.

Humaira (the elder twin) holding the hand of her mother and grandmother.
Haura is in her father's arms hidden in the back