Saturday, 7 March 2009

Salesmen Vs Engineers (Part 3 of 3)

Okay... let's get this over with so that I can prepare myself for the return salvo from the marketing and sales people, heheheh.

Here's the 3rd and final part of the story about salespeople and engineers.


The third…

Once upon a time, three sales people were walking through the woods and suddenly they were standing in front of a huge, wide river. But they desperately had to get to the other side. But how, with such a raging torrent? The first sales guy knelt down and prayed to the Lord : “Lord, please give me the strength to cross this river!”


The Lord gave him long arms and strong legs. Now he could swim across the river. It took him about two hours and he almost drowned several times.

BUT : he was successful!

The second sales guy, who observed this, prayed to the Lord and said : “Lord, please give me the strength AND the necessary tools to cross this river!”


The Lord gave him a tub and he managed to cross the river despite the fact that the tub almost capsized a few times.

The third salesman who observed all this, kneeled down and prayed : “Lord, please give me the strength, the means AND the intelligence to cross this river!”


The Lord converted the salesman into an engineer. He took a quick glance on the map, walked a few metres upstream and crossed the bridge.

Send this to an intelligent engineer so that he/she has something to smile about;
And to the sales people if you think they can stomach the truth!

You guys have a great weekend!


DrSam said...

salam persinggahan,
Good anecdotes.

Have a good weekend with your family and selamat menyambut Maulidurrasul.

Patricia said...

Hahahah! This has been well worth the wait! You have a great long weekend yourself!

Oldstock said...

Dr Sam,

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you're not discouraged by the slight hiccup at your blogger's meet yesterday.

Will take you up on that offer if I do get to go to RRI Sg Buloh again.

Selamat menyambut maulidir rasul.

Oldstock said...


This weekend I plan to tidy up around the compound, trimming trees and stuff like that. Been neglecting my garden for too long.