Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Salesmen Vs Engineers

Here's something from my `Forwarded e-mails' category. It was received back in 2002, originally as a Powerpoint presentation. I can't remember who sent it, but whenever the young engineers under my supervision get discouraged, I would show them this.


3 Real Life Stories (well, not quite real life...)

The First…

Eleven people were dangling below a helicopter on a rope. There were ten sales people and one engineer.

Since the rope was not strong enough to hold them all, they decided that one of them had to let go to save all the others.

They could not decide who should be the volunteer. Finally the engineer said that he would let go of the rope since engineers are used to do everything for the company. They forsake their family, don’t claim all of their expenses and do a lot of overtime without getting anything in return.

When he finished his moving speech, all the sales people began to clap…

Moral : Never underestimate the powers of the engineer.

The next 2 stories coming soon...


hanitha said...

salam bro,
hahaha...good one n lucky i'm not a salesman yg mudah "trpedaya".. selalunya salesman yg pandai leh terkena lak ngan engineer ek..

Snakebite said...

good one.
pls don't start telling lawyer stories

Oldstock said...

Salam Hanitha,

Generally, engineers try to stick to facts while salesmen need to convince. Cerita ni tidak bertujuan nak mengenakan sesiapa... cuma nak sedapkan hati budak-budak (engineers) I saja, heheheh.

Oldstock said...


Not to worry, my friend. I won't tell any lawyer stories unless I've run out of the engineer ones :-)

I'll leave the lawyer jokes to you, Verse and Screwed. BTW, have you heard the one about why lawyers need not worry about being bitten by sharks when they go swimming in the sea?

Shay PPP said...

Salam Mr. Old Skool aka exboss,

What a well composed stories that you have posted. Good for boosting so call "morale" for young engineers. I think you have to agree with me, we engineers also do sales and marketings. We can use "Bumi" status Consultant as leverage, we start calling ourselves EXPERT, we use people (usally board of directors this or that Dato' or Tan Sri)..
The truth is our product is also a form of service. We still have after sales service like other industry!!
A good laugh for me.. Not more than that I believe. To me money is the fundamental part of business and we are part of it, literally.

Oldstock said...

Yo Shay!

What's with the PPP acronym? Welcome to this blog. Tak yah panggil aku ex-boss la... kita semua makan gaji ma.

Thanks for the comment. Do drop by more often. I've had a look at your blog. You seem to have plenty of ideas too... rajin-rajin la menulis ye. It keeps our minds sharp.