Friday, 24 April 2009

The Thrill Is Gone

This is probably the longest I have gone so far in not updating this blog. Last weekend was a bit hectic because I had to send the missus for medical treatment for two straight days. Saturday was her appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for treatment on her inflammed knee joint. Then on Sunday morning, she woke up with a severe infection on her eyes.

The week that followed was busy with tasks on the work front. I have just arrived in Kuala Lumpur for a meeting tomorrow morning and is squeezing this post in, just before hitting the sack. It is simply a Youtube video of B.B. King performing a blues number called `The Thrill Is Gone'. Gary Moore is the guest guitarist.

Youtube video by gasol777

Do not let the title of this song mislead you. I have not given up on writing blog posts (yet). Stay tuned for upcoming stories, time permitting.


HLiza said...

Praying that your other half will get well soon and your blogging time will come too. It's okay..we'll just wait.

Chahya said...

Salam 2u Oldstock.
Hope yr missus is better now.
Kasihan I dengar, she must be in pain.
I came across a pamphlet regarding knee joint inflammation that a combination of glucosamine & chondroitin sulphate has better effects than either one alone.

Take care of her.
Hope she'll be fine soon.

You take care too.

Anonymous said...

hope that ur missus will get well soon...

take care..


Oldstock said...

Hliza, Chahya and Mie,

Thanks for the wishes. My better half is slowly recuperating.

At the orthopedic surgery, the doctor inserted a needle at the inflammed area. He then sucked out fluid that was collected there. After that he injected in some medicine.

Before the procedure, my wife was a bit scared. Tapi bila dah sudah, dia kata tak sakit sangat. Bersalinkan anak lagi sakit... heheheh :-)

Doctor advised her to rest and not too walk around too much. Tapi bila I saja usik dia ajak pegi shopping, jadik je... orang pompuan ni memang pantang diajak pegi shopping.

The eye situation is still not in the clear yet. We have to wait for the follow-up treatment next week to know more.

Anonymous said...

Hope that your wifey is feeling better now. Inflammed knee joint - wow! that is very painful.

Chahya said...

While waiting for the treatment, it's good to have try the doas for sakit mata:
Ikhtiar Penyembuhan Penyakit Dengan Ayat-Ayat Dan Doa-Doa Mustajab (Dato Dr. Haron Din, 2008)
Penerbit: Darussyifa'

Elok juga baca ayat dari surah Assyu'ara, I tak ingat ayat berapa, "wa iza maridhtu fahua yashfiin (dan apabila aku sakit Dialah yg menyembuhkan)". Dalam AlManzil yg I bgtau dulu tu (that spooky post) ada dijelaskan ayat ke-berapa.

Semoga sihat, insyaAllah.

mamasita said...

Salam Oldstock.
I hope your missus dah bertambah sihat..kesian dia.Kirim salam banyak2 pada dia and suruh dia take it easy ye?

Patricia said...

Hi Oldstock,

So sorry to hear of your wife's inflamed knee. Hope it's much better now. And her eyes - hope all is well there. She's in my prayers.

I was worried by this title, though! Hahahah. Glad it's just you pulling our legs!

But there are good days, and off days - just take it all in stride, no?

Stay strong.

Madam Markonah said...

As long as the thrill in your marriage is still there, apa sangat la hilang thrill blogging, ye tak? ;-)

Oldstock said...


The inflamation at the knee joint has subsided but she is still not able to walk properly yet. Thanks for the wishes.

Oldstock said...


Thank you again for the tips. I must get that book soon.

Oldstock said...

Salam mamasita,

Kedua-dua penyakit dah beransur pulih, alhamdullilah. Cuma solat masih duduk kat kerusi lagi.

Thanks for the kind thoughts.

Oldstock said...


Thanks for the prayers. She is getting better now. Luckily my second son just got his driver's license. He now takes over the task of sending his younger brother to school.

You always flatter me, Pat. If and when I decide to stop blogging, you would probably be the first to know.

Oldstock said...


Good point! Now, let me see if the thrill in being married is still there... heheheh.

Just to share this with you... a few weeks before her knee treatment, my wife attended a housewarming party held by my brother-in-law. There we met our niece who had just undergone surgery to remove a cyst. So niece and aunt were talking about each other's ailment. When my wife told my niece about the pain in her knee, my niece winked at me and said, `Haa... apa yang Uncle dah buat kat Mak Idah sampai sakit kaki dia ni!'

I winked back and said, `Eh... kita buat gentle je... takde la ganas sangat, hahaha..'

Emila Yusof said...

I love this song! One of my fav from BB King!

Wishing your missus a speedy recovery!

Oldstock said...

Hi Emila,

You are a blues fan too? Tak sangka ye :-)

If you live near the Shah Alam area, you may want to catch a band perfoming live at a new foodcourt called Bale13, Section 13 near stadium and Giant on 30th May. The band is called Blues Treats and they play mostly rock and blues numbers.

I tak dapat pegi sebab same day ada anak sedara kahwin.