Thursday, 21 May 2009

Interlude - Man vs Woman Process Flow

Here's an interlude for this month of May. It comes from my forwarded emails category. Click on the graphics for a larger view. Better still, right-click on the images and then `Save Image As' to your own PCs so you can forward them at your own pleasure.

Thanks to my pal Amir who gets such humourous snippets from God knows where :-)

Apasal complicated sangat ?


DrSam said...

Haa..ha..funny but can't help to admit the truth.

Ki Moira said...

complicated mcm mana pun..lelaki tetap sayang lah hehehehe

VersedAnggerik said...

hey! variety is, the spice of life!

Oldstock said...


Orang lelaki ni mudah je. Bila nak terkencing tu, berdiri pun boleh... hahaha!

Oldstock said...


Alaa... memang tetap sayang, muah!

Oldstock said...


What to do... for man to love a woman, he has to endure all the challenges, heheheh.

zafi said...

its complicated though but make sense! heheheheheh nice!

Chahya said...

Got this email last year.

err...another interpretation: men are short-sighted, not creative, has very limited plans, and only one track mind?

Tok Senek said...

how does the sembalan akal sembilan emosi thing fit into the chart aa?

Oldstock said...

-> zafi, men like to keep it simple. But for women, it has to be complicated, otherwise it is not women, heheheh.

-> Chahya, you're right about men having one track mind. You should read my earlier post, Of Love and Beauty.

-> Tok Senek, I'd like to explore your comment but I'm afraid to open up a can or worms. Sensitip nanti, heheheh.

Patricia said...

Hey, Oldstock! We're complex and complicated beings lah! That's why you guys can't get by without us!!!

Oldstock said...


You are right as always. I would rather get lost with a woman than find my way all alone :-)