Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Memories in black and white (2)

I am now carrying out a mini project to re-arrange my parents' old black and white photographs into new albums. The photos are now in a few slip-in albums but I remember they were originally in the old stick-on type albums with the black matte paper.

There are many classic pictures including those of my father and my mother before they married. My father's collection in particular, has many photographs with captions written on the back, thus giving them some history. I am thinking of grouping them into themes in a new stick-on album with proper caption and notes. And since both my old folks are still around, I'd better get them to tell me something about those pictures that are uncaptioned and undated.

I've selected a few choice pieces for scanning and I'm sharing a few with you today.

Photo 1 : Yours truly in a pram circa 1963

Photo 2 : Family photo taken in 1966. The eldest boy on the left was 4 years-old.

Photo 3 : Family photo in 1967. My parents now have 4 sons.

Photo 4 : This one was taken in 1968, the last family pic in B&W.


Anonymous said...

Mr Oldstock, must say that you look very much like your mother, no?

HLiza said...

Waa bestnye tengok gambar2 lama ni. Your dad must have love freezing memories too..I especially love the unique stroller you had..wow! my dad has the habit to take his own photo in studio every time his birthday comes..he wants to see how he changes with time..maybe i can dig that!

somuffins said...

Salam. A photo taken in the photo studio surely look crisp and very formal too but it has a class on its own.
I am the care taker of my parents 'khazanah'. It's abt time I do something abt it.. Thanks for the idea.

Lady Marko said...

Oldstock, this is where I'd highly recommend Photobook or Pixart. Google them up and you'll see what I mean. Scan the old pics, rewrite the captions your dad wrote (better yet, scan the original and put it alongside the photo!) and print extra copies (choose matte paper) for each of your sibbling. I bet you they'll love it.

Kak Teh said...

I love black and white pictures - there's certain charm. I wish have your patience to do the same. Most of our b/w pictures are back in msia, so - someone needs to do it.
all the best with yours.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Four boys eh? Must a handful. Tabik spring to your mom!

p/s love that pic of the pram... we don't see that design nowadays!

zafi said...

Gosh its so vintage
i like it very2 much... very classy!!!
keep it safely k

Zendra said...

You come from very good stock, Oldstock!

Chahya said...

I remember seeing you holding your grandaughter...your anak buah's baby in one of your posts. I think you looked a lot like your father. A fatherly and family man look :)

DrSam said...

The photos are great and lucky you that you parent still keep them nicely. I 'tumpang' your excitement as I like to do the same (archiving). Good luck!

Oldstock said...


Yes, I guess. I'm unashamedly my mother's son. But according to some people my eldest son has the closest resemblance to my mother.

Oldstock said...


Many of my father's pics are those taken when he was a young man. Quite a few are from the days when we are a young family. But the really classic ones belong to my mother, pictures of her before she was married, like ones of her when she was a young schoolteacher.

Oldstock said...

Salam somuffins,

Yes, you're right. The b/w prints taken at a photo studio has a certain character of its own. My father had those photos taken because he used it as backdrop for homemade hari raya cards.

Wish you success in your photo archiving venture too. Kalau ada turun ke JB lagi, sudi-sudilah drop me a line.

Oldstock said...

Lady Marko,

Thanks for the heads up about photobook and pixart. I'm thinking of doing a photobook once I chosen some pics that fit a particular theme. And yeah, I'll print some for my brothers too.

Oldstock said...

Kak Teh,

I've found that the b/w pics retain better image than my old colour prints. The photos that I took while in UK have all faded to yellow and became blurry. Scanning and editing them doesn't seem to help that much.

Oldstock said...


We are four very well-behaved boys, heheheh. Although I must say, my mom was a very strict disciplinarian. Sekali sekala merasa jugak libasan rotan :-)

Oldstock said...


How are you doing my friend. Lama tak dengar cerita.

Banyak lagi gambar-gambar yg lebih klasik... macam dlm cerita P Ramlee gitu. I'll upload some more later on.

Oldstock said...


err... thank you :-)

Oldstock said...


I think you're the first person who thinks that I look like my father... most people say I have my mom's look.

Kalau sekarang ni, memang la family man look, dah tua kan, heheheh.

Oldstock said...


Yes, I'm quite lucky in that both my parents like to keep photographs. It's taken me this long to start this project. After I'm finished with the b/w pics, I'll start on my own old collection.

Seronok tengok gambar lama-lama ni :-)

3yearshousewife said...

I love old photographs too. They have lots of stories to tell. Especially when you get to hear it from the people who are in the pictures.
Your mother looked more bergaya as time went on.Bravo makcik.

Oldstock said...


You should see the pics of my mom masa time anak dara. My father was (and still is) a lucky man.

Selamat berpuasa to you and family over there in the UK.

Emila Yusof said...

That is so cool to have family photos back then! I wish I have one too but my father was to away so often that we didn't have family photos.