Friday, 2 October 2009

Random pics of nature

Photos taken at Lembah Warisan Bernam located on the upper reaches of Sungai Bernam near Tanjung Malim. The river is the border between the states of Selangor and Perak.

Entrance to common dining area

View of hostel on the upper slopes

Enjoy a dip in the cool waters of the river

Stones and boulders create gentle rapids

Small boulders and pebbles line the river banks

Jantung pisang

Yellow lizard

Caption corrected to : Rajah Brooke butterfly (Tq Pak Zawi)

Individual chalets located on the hillslope with a view of the river


HLiza said...

Whoa that handsome lizard! You have good photographic eyes you know..We've been here 8 years ago when my brother lived in Tg Malim..

mamasita said...

Wah Oldstock..dan jugak buat National Geographic Discovery quickie!Great snapshots!!Beautiful and so cooling!

Pak Zawi said...

The moth is actually a butterfly and a Rajah Brooke no less. It is on every butterfly collectors wish list. You are lucky to have caught a picture of it.

Pat said...

We used to stop at Tg Malim years ago, before the highway made travelling north just one long never-ending road.

It would be time for a walkabout, a loo-stop for the little ones, and a chance to grab a bite to eat, while Chuan got the chance for an uninterrupted smoke!(He's a good boy now: sudah berhenti ;)

How things have changed now. But, it seems that the place is just as lovely.

Nice pix :)

Oldstock said...


I was wondering if anybody out there knows the name of this species of lizard. I could hold my camera quite close to it and it didn't run away.

The area now is more accessible than before because the track has been tarred. Previously, access was by 4WD only.

Oldstock said...


Belum layak untuk Nat Geo lagi... tunggu sat lagi I beli dSLR, baru canggih sikit :-)

Oldstock said...

Pak Zawi,

Thanks for pointing out my error. Just shows my shallow knowledge about insects. I have corrected the caption.

Oldstock said...


The other regular stop for travelers at Tanjung Malim is Yik Mun pau coffee shop.

Tanjung Malim is a nice quite town. My brother-in-law plans to retire there when his service ends next year.

Unknown said...

..salam, that pic of Raja Brooke..

Rina said...

I know the existence of our own local flying lizards (lizards with wings) but yellow lizards is beyond my knowledge! Does anyone here mind to share their thoughts? >.<

Oldstock said...

Salam Pak Mat,

The butterfly was resting near the water's edge when I took the shot. Didn't know it was a Rajah Brooke until Pak Zawi corrected my error.

Oldstock said...


I've been trying to google this lizard for the past few days but have not yet found an image that is similar.

Rina said...

Woah, the lizard migrate to here issit? Hahaha..

We are welcoming you Liz! :)

Aizan Suhaira said...

Wahhh... the river looks clean! Might consider going there for a mini-holiday? How far away is it from KL? Pardon my ignorance, I was never good at geography.

Oldstock said...


Tanjung Malim is about 80km from KL on the N-S highway. From the toll exit, you head to Tg Malim town on the by-pass road. The turn-off to this particular place is on the right, just before the UPSI traffic lights.

Don't forget to stop by the Gardens Restaurant for dinner. It's on the main road going north, just outside the town, on the right-hand side. Definitely worth it.