Monday, 24 May 2010

Jalan-jalan & makan-makan

Ever since coming over to work at our KL Head Office, I have encouraged my staff, especially the junior engineers, to visit the project sites while the works are still under construction. This will broaden their knowledge and provide them with some understanding on the methods of construction. Sometimes, young engineers prepare designs based on ideal theoretical principles without consideration to practicality.

Last Friday, I took a group of them to visit two of our project sites, in Perak and in Penang. The first project in Terong, Perak is a secondary school in its early stages of construction. Afterwards, we headed out to Butterworth where we spent the night. The next day, we visited the second project at North Butterworth Container Terminal, where the construction of the extension berth and container storage facilities is nearing completion.

Apart from the technical visits, there are of course the makan-makan sessions which everyone looks forward to. We had dinner at Puncak Mutiara Cafe... the place I previously wrote about here -> Beriani Peha Kambing.

Lunch was at the famous Din Ikan Bakar of Kepala Batas. Actually to me, the taste of the grilled seafood at Din's is biasa-biasa saja... but what makes the place really special is the variety of fish that you can find. This includes ikan merah, ikan pari, sotong, udang and ketam. In addition to seafood, they also have a variety of daging and ayam bakar. All of them really mouth-watering... and I've not even mentioned the soups.

It was a really tiring two days but thoroughly enjoyable... and I hope my staff have learned something new too. Now what I need to do is to work out that excess food in my system...

  At SMK Toh Johan, Terong, project site

Post-panamax quay cranes at NBCT project site

Thumbs-up for the grilled kambing

Ikan merah bakar, ikan pari bakar dan ulam-ulaman... masa ni udang bakar belum sampai

How can you think about cholesterol when you see grilled prawns like these...

Just look at the size of that shrimp.


eddy said...

What a happy group...go swimming Bro that will take out a lot of the fat and bad cholesterol.

lili said...

Laa...pi lagi kat Din! Hmm...where was I last week?

So, you manage the project at NBCT too! Just look at what has become to the once beautiful beach which used to be my childhood playground ...but I still frequent the pantai yang dah tinggal a narrow strip just before reaching the toll plaza at Bagan Ajam.

Oldstock said...


Kalau pi Butterworth, tak sah la kalau tak pi makan kat Din.

Enjoy whatever is left of that tiny beach while you can... there's future plans to reclaim that bit too.

Justiffa said...

Ouch.. the acid is flooding my tummy, and soooo early summore lol.

Great pics oldstock, mmg terliur especially the udang bakar :D

Pat said...

I think it is a valuable thing you do, Fadhil. It is important that the young engineers actually go on-site and see their designs come to life, and evaluate them as to whether they work right, or could be improved for the next project.

Perhaps it is easier to just take the last one and 'copy and paste' with a few alterations. But the bad thing about that is that old mistakes get repeated, and soon develop into a tradition, and the often heard quote: '...but we've always done it that way'!

Good work ;)

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Actually horr, I think the thumbs up are for the great boss for freeing them from the monotonous office environment & what more how often do u get free makan kena belanja by the boss man, a very sumptuous one too, so to speak…(The food lah I meant, not the boss)kakaka.


P/S – I bet by now, some wise guy/gal would have suggested that they have this sort of ‘team motivational trip’ once every month from there on :)))

Oldstock said...

Bro Eddy,

Your comment came by email notification yesterday but somehow could not be published.

Anyway, you're right... I'm back into the groove with weekly swim sessions.

Oldstock said...


Udang bakar tu memang tersangatlah sedap. Tapi takleh makan selalu... mahal :-)

Oldstock said...


Still too early to say if I'm a good boss... they still haven't seen the temperamental side of me yet... hahaha!

Actually, I'm all for this motivational trips... but maybe not so often lah. So far, we've done two outings in two months (see the previous posting on FRIM).

Oldstock said...


Your remark about the `cut n paste' method rings true. Sometimes when under pressure or severe time constraint, people tend to resort to short-cuts. If not properly checked, such methods can lead to gross errors. I am now trying to improve things as best I can.

Hey, I miss your blogging stories la...

Aizan Suhaira said...

Blardy hell! Those prawns are huge!!!!

Oldstock said...


Yep, they are! One prawn per pax is enough... because we still need to eat the ikan and sotong bakar..

HLiza said...

Adoi Pak..setakat tengok gabar2 ni je dah meleleh air liur ni..

Oldstock said...

Ibu Hliza,

Ipoh sama Butterworth kan tidak jauh... lagikan Ibu biasa di Penang ini. Boleh pergi makan angin dan makan ikan bakar sekali...