Monday, 30 April 2012

April is a girl's name...

Goodness me! It is the end of April already... and I have not posted anything apart from the Pantun 4 Kerat item to mark my 4th anniversary of being a blogger. It has been a terribly busy month. Plenty of unfinished and overdue stuff. Luckily the Inland Revenue Board has an extended closing date for e-filing of tax returns, otherwise I'd be late on that one too.

While I do have a few ideas floating in my head on what to write, the mental and physical fatigue at the end of each working day is hampering efforts to put those ideas on screen. Even blog-hopping is becoming rare nowadays... but I do hope it does not last, because I really enjoy writing in this blog and reading the entries in other blogs.

So what shall I write about today? Nothing serious, just another one in my `merapu' category.

Of the 12 months in the Gregorian calendar, a few of these have been used as female names. April, May and June are the obvious examples. I have also previously seen January being used as a girl's name, although not often like the other three. Of the other months, only August (from Augustus Ceasar, the Roman emperor) is considered a male name, at least to the best of my knowledge. The word `august', as an adjective, carries a noble meaning as well.

Of the 7 days in the week, perhaps only Friday is used as a person's name... even so, only as a fictional character in Robinson Crusoe. Compare that to the Malay names for days of the week. Isnin, Jumaat and Sabtu are quite common Malay male names. Persons with these names are obviously born on the days their names represent. Similarly, a few of the name of months in the Muslim Hijrah calendar are adopted as individual names - Muharram, Rejab, Ramadan and Shawal being some examples.

Our eldest son was born on the first day of the first month of the Hijrah calender, 23 years ago. Some of our elder relatives suggested that we name him Ahmad Muharram, or something similar. Of course, we didn't... that would've been too easy and uninspiring.

Ok then, let's say goodnight to April and welcome May...


Anonymous said...

There's Sunday Rose (Nicole Kidman's daughter) and Wednesday Addams (of the Addams family). I kinda like the name Wednesday 'coz it's always my favourite day of the week. Perhaps in my next life, I'll get myself named Wednesday.

Oldstock said...

Oh, didn't know about Sunday and Wednesday... thanks Cara. Wednesday would suit you well, I think :-)