Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A grand old man... again

Last weekend, we made the trip to Kota Tinggi to visit the latest addition to our very large extended family. Our nephew's wife, Melati Razak, has safely given birth to her third child a few weeks ago. She now has a son to add to her two daughters. Our nephew is so happy to have a boy with whom he can probably later talk about football or table tennis or other sports.

Our grand-nephew was born on the daybreak of Friday 21 September 2012 and has been named Muhammad Hidayat Asraf. The sister to this baby named Nurul Aqilah, is the one I wrote about in a previous post in February 2009, titled A Grand Old Man. At that time, the sister is the 10th great-grandchild of the Hj. Mohd Amin clan. Three and a half years down the road, the new baby boy holds the 22nd position. My wife and I now have 22 kids calling us `Tok'.

Muhammad Hidayat was delivered a few days delayed from his due date. I told the mother that the baby purposely did not want to come out earlier because he wanted to wait for a special day. He shares the same birthday as his grand-aunt, Mrs Oldstock.

Oldstock with latest grand-nephew and 3-year old grand-niece


Anonymous said...

You pergi Kota Tinggi? Tssk.. I long to go there :-(

Tahniah! cucu Atuk comel :-)
My late dad's bday was 22/9.

Oldstock said...

Cik Som,

Kota Tinggi is where the nearest close relative on my wife's side is. Yang lain tu lebih ramai kat area KL dan Selangor.

Cucu-cucu Atok memang comel-comel belaka :-)

Oldstock said...

As 3yearshousewife,

Sorry terdelete komen you tadi masa I nak clearkan spam. So I copy balik dari email notification :

"En. Oldstock ni mmg orang yg rajin merapatkan silaturahim."

Thanks for the comment. Selagi terdaya, insyaAllah saya memang suka ziarah sanak saudara.

Al-Manar said...

What a beautiful name, Muhammad Hidayat Asraf, and how he stares at his Tokkistock, almost like saying, "I want to be like you!'

Amelia said...

Hi Oldstock, congratulation! You have been blessed with a grand-nephew. Wishing you many happy moment with the little one.

Both of them are comel molek.
Have a nice week ahead, regards.

DrSam said...

With the 22nd edition to your Grandeur-coffer, you surely earn that Grand title of Grandstock :) May Allah S.W.T showers Muhammad Hidayat Asraf with Nur and Hidayah.

Salam Aidul Adha.

Oldstock said...

Salam Pakcik Almanar,

Very sorry for the delayed response. Been terribly busy at work.

The new baby is welcome to learn from Tok Ki Oldstock anytime :-)

Oldstock said...

Thanks Amelia. The grand-niece is currently my favourite because she's so mischievous. But in a few months when this new boy is a bit bigger, he'll probably become my next favourite, hehe...

Oldstock said...

Salam Aidiladha Dr Sam. Yes, Grandstock has a nice ring to it :-)

HLiza said...

Cucu Atok tu terkesima tengok siapalah atuk hensem nih!

Oldstock said...

Ibu Hliza,

Cucu atok bila dah besar nanti pun akan hensem juga... hehe..