Saturday, 17 November 2012

Another steamboat makan place in JB

With the existence of many food blogs and pages on Facebook nowadays, restaurant owners and operators can have a quick online presence to promote themselves. I would occasionally check out such links to see if there are any new makan places worth visiting.

Last night, we tried out a new halal grill and steamboat restaurant which I discovered online. D'Chagar Grill & Steamboat is located in Taman Molek, Johor Bahru, within the same block as the Astro outlet. It is a simply decorated shop, with the array of steamboat ingredients placed in trays arranged on a long table against one wall (some other steamboat restaurants have these ingredients in chillers, which I think is more hygienic).

In my earlier post on halal steamboat BBQ makan places in February this year, I listed out a few points on how I judge such restaurants. Using the same reference, I'll outline my views on D'Chagar :
  • They have a large selection of the steamboat stuff, i.e. meatballs, fishballs, beancurd, crabsticks etc. but their meat/chicken spread is pretty basic. The seafood choice is limited to small prawns, squid and anak ikan selar. No shellfish at all. Vegetable choice is too little. No fried rice or noodles.
  • Only one type of broth is on offer, a simple chicken soup. But tasty enough.
  • Drinks are okay with 4 types available (soya bean, asam boi, jagung and guava, plus plain mineral water). 
  • 4 types of sauces are available : black pepper, homemade hot ground chilli, chilli-tomato and black petis paste.
  • Each rectangular table has a cut-out centre portion where the stove is inserted, hence the BBQ pot does not stick out too high. The restaurant is quite spacious and movement is not hampered by closeness of the tables. But they could improve further if the drink dispensers and ice container are arranged as a separate station from the foodstuff.
Ok then, what about the overall taste? I guess I'll give it average marks. The soup is not too bad but the meats (the main reason I go for BBQ) are not as good as some of the other places that I've been to.

The advertised price is RM18 per adult but we were charged a promotion rate of only RM10. This promotion price ends tomorrow. Perhaps because of the promotion period, their spread of ingredients is not extensive. I may patronise this place again and see if the full rate would entail more choice.

The shopfront
Large table with a cut-out centre section to fit the stove


Anonymous said...

My parents used to stay at Bukit Chagar when I was still minute, hehe..

The place is 'kelam2' in my ingatan but is it near Jln Lumba Kuda?

Taman Molek? I lalu kat situ 2 wks ago. Kalau tau, nak juga jengok2 of that eating place..CS..

Oldstock said...

Cik Som,

Yes Bukit Chagar is near Lumba Kuda. But the Lumba Kuda flats are no more there (replaced with the CIQ).

Tu la... you balik JB takmo bagitau.. kalau tak I boleh belanja you makan kat mana-mana...

Amelia said...

Hi Oldstock, I've not try out this outlet. Thanks for sharing, the place look comfortable.

Have a nice day.

Oldstock said...


Yes, the place looks comfortable but I wouldn't place it at the top of my list. I've found another steamboat BBQ place from the Johor Sedap FB page but have not tried it yet, maybe next week when I have some free time. Will post about it if the place turns out okay.