Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Another good makan place in JB

There is this wonderful page in Facebook which I just joined last week. It's called Johor Sedap and features the suggestions and contributions from group members on the various halal food outlets in Johor (with JB in particular). If you are new to Johor Bahru city and wish to know of any restaurant selling say, good laksa johor, then just pop the question on the page and pretty soon some members will respond with suggestions.

So far, I have tried 2 new places from the many that have been recommended and I quite agree with the reviews. I still have a few more in the list that I wish to go to... but I hope not to bore readers with too much of my gastronomic adventures.

Last night, we went for dinner at this place called Din BBQ Station located in Taman Nusa Bestari. This restaurant serves fresh seafood, chicken wings and lamb chops grilled over charcoal fire. To go with the grilled stuff, you can also have fried rice or nasi lemak plus some fresh greens (ulam). The selection of drinks are not too bad too.

For our maiden visit, we had grilled sea prawns, squid, chicken wings and some lamb. There were some fish on offer but I thought I'll try them on my next visit. The prawns and squid were tasty, the chicken wings not bad but the lamb was just okay. The home-made BBQ sauce was just the way I like it, mild and not too strong. If there is one minus point that I can mention, I do hope they can use a proper plate for my nasi lemak.

Din BBQ also opens for lunch. The owner told us that they still serve BBQ during the day, in addition to the standard fare of nasi campur and lauk pauk. Maybe one of these days I drop by for lunch and see how their daytime food tastes like.

The shop front
Grilled sea prawns
Grilled squid
BBQ chicken wings


Amelia said...

Hi Oldstock, thanks for the makan -mania recommendation. Everything look so appetizing. Nusa Bestari a bit out of the way for me. But ikut highway tak jauh sangat, just that malas nak pergi jauh2x just for makan. LOL Anyway keep this in my to makan list....

Have a nice day.

Al-Manar said...

You seem to have inclined more towards eatery and good food. Have you no regards for those who have to have strict controls over their intakes? Talk more abouut jumping, crawling and food like vegetable this and vegetable that.

Oldstock said...

Hi Amelia,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Been busy reading and updating the Johor Sedap FB page of late, hehe..

Actually, Nusa Bestari is not that far nowadays because there is a new highway and bridges crossing Sg Pulai and Sg Danga, near Danga Bay. It's only about 15 min from JB centre.

Oldstock said...

Pakcik Al-Manar,

So sorry for readers who have strict controls over their diet... but what to do, I like to post about food :-)