Friday, 4 January 2013

The previous year food adventure in pictures

Let's start the first post of the new year with a collection of photos taken during my makan-makan adventure throughout 2012. Some of the pics have appeared previously while some were taken from my FB album, so please excuse the repetition.

It is slightly different from the pictorial series I did in 2010 and 2011, which was what I had initially intended for this year as well... but when I browsed through my picture library, I decided that a series of delectable food pics would probably make an interesting entry. So the following are my selection...

Lamb Kabsah. Banafee Village, Jln Abdullah Tahir JB - Jan 2012
Lamb mandey. Wadi El Arab Restaurant, Majidee JB - Jan 2012
Crab in salted eggs. Permata Senibong, JB - Feb 2012
Tropika Steamboat & Grill. Setia Tropika, JB - Feb 2012
Grilled lemon chicken. Aunty Aini's, Nilai - Feb 2012
Mayami burger. Planetz Burger roadside stall, Taman Munsyi JB - May 2012
Nasi dagang. Stall at Mersing Kanan, Mersing - June 2012
Mee bandung udang special. Stall next to Sg Rambah, Pontian - Aug 2012
Mee bandung, satay and coffee. Wah San Kopitiam, Muar - Sep 2012
Rice and chicken kebab. Del's Kitchen, Tmn Pelangi JB - Nov 2012
D' Chagar Steamboat & Grill. Tmn Molek, JB - Nov 2012
Nasi padang JJ. Tmn Johor Jaya, JB - Nov 2012
Briyani hyderabad. Kempas, JB - Dec 2012
Grilled prawns. Din's BBQ Station, Nusa Bestari, JB - Dec 2012
Mee udang black pepper. Roadside stall at Kg Tiram Duku, Gelang Patah, JB - Dec 2012
Char Kuey Teow. Jalan Rawa Tmn Perling, JB - Dec 2012
Update 09.01.13 : I've gone to Tropika Steamboat & Grill (the 4th pic above) twice since my last visit but they were not open. I think they may have `closed shop'.


noorique said...

I think my first comment didnt go thru...
Hello old friend! Been ages since I frequent the blogworld. Your blog is the first blog I visited! Banyak nak catch up ni... :)

Your food posting to start the year made me drool! Wish there is a gerai makcik near my house! How you maintain being slim is amazing! hehehe

Oldstock said...

Hi Noor!

I miss you lah, my friend. Wondered where you've gone to... rupa-rupanya dah migrate ke blog medium yang lain.

I've never heard of this thingy... bagus ek? Maybe one day I'll try it, after I've run out of memory quota at blogspot.

Actually your first comment came in just fine, except that something was wrong with my connection and I couldn't load it.

I dapat maintain slim because I work out... hahaha... kidding of course...

Al-Manar said...

I am sorry that Johore Hj's mee is not there!

Anonymous said...

Am speechless terus pengsan! Sampai hati u .. CS

Oldstock said...

Pakcik Al-manar,

Haven't been to Mee Rebus Hj Wahid for quite some time now because I've found a new mee rebus port nearer to where I stay... and tastes better too. Cuma saya tak teringat pulak nak amik gambo sebelum makan :-)

Oldstock said...

Alaa Cik Som, janganlah merajuk.... nanti you turun JB, I belanja you makan ketam telur masin kat Senibong.

3yearshousewife said...

What a colorful gastronomical adventure! Already started for 2013?

afhstingray said...

do tell, where is your current fav mee rebus place?

Oldstock said...


Have started for this year at 2 places but not worth mentioning.

Oldstock said...


My current preferred mee rebus is a stall at Kg Melayu Majidee, opposite the Sekolah Agama Dato Abdullah Esa. RM3.50 per plate and with telur pindang.

Anonymous said...


Kalau saya rasa tak selera nak makan,saya tengok posting ni pasti ada selera.

Terima kasih, gambar2 nya sungguh menarik dan menyelerakan.


Oldstock said...


Sudilah melihat mana-mana gambar sekiranya dapat membuka selera. Tapi kalau betul-betul nak selera, kenalah merasa yang sebenarnya :-)