Sunday, 3 February 2013

A taste of Nasi Lemuni in Pulau Pinang

We are in the bright sunny island of Penang this weekend to attend to some family matters, details of which would be revealed soon in this blog, God willing.

I have always loved coming to Penang... the prime reason being that there is no shortage of good makan places. My last trip here was in early 2010. This time we made the compulsory stop at Din Ikan Bakar in Kepala Batas. In addition to that, I got to locate and finally taste nasi lemuni, a rice dish similar to nasi lemak but cooked with leaves from the lemuni tree to give it a green tint and a hint of herbal taste.

I was first told of this dish by a friend who had stayed in Penang for some years. Knowing my interest in exploring new tastes, she told of a particular stall located within a foodcourt in Bukit Jambul. Finally had the chance to try it out...

Our selection at Din's - Ikan siakap, ikan keli and daging bakar
You can be spoilt for choice
Look at the size of those prawns
Nasi lemuni breakfast... only found in Penang


zafi said...


The foods so tempting!! I'm drooling!
Ni rasa nak balik dan2 nih.. hahahahhaha TQ so much for sharing the experience and pics... (cry) :D

Oldstock said...

Steady on young man... hang kena habis study tu dulu. Bila dah balik nanti buleh la nak makan apa saja, hehe...

missHLiza said...

Ada kat temmpat lain..Ipoh pun ada kami jumpa kat makcik yg jual breakfast depan rumah dia kat taman kami hahaha; memang homemade punya. I don't quite get it, tak sepower nasi lemak tapi sesekali okaylah.

ib said...

Daging Bakar my Fav.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi OldStock. Wow! I sure love the fantastic dishes....
the big udangs looks really delicious.
You last in Penang 2010? Ha ha....My last trip there, was in 2002.

I too love Penang, and have lots of beautiful the so many makan places too.
The McCalister road char kueh teaw, the mee rebus at Pulau tikus, the many makan shops along Gurney drive, best at night.

But this nasi lemuni, ta'pernah makan. Looks good though.
I love that ikan siakap goreng.
Bila I balek kampong, this one place I will make a point of dropping by....with an empty tummy.
Have a nice day, keep well.

Oldstock said...


Good to know that Ipoh pun ada nasi lemuni. I guess it needs an acquired taste to like it. Like you, nasi lemak is still my preference, especially when it's cooked by my better half :-)

Oldstock said...

Ib, daging bakar yang mana? Yang harimau menangis tu ke?

Oldstock said...


I have always loved to visit Penang. I had actually wanted to savour the beriani at Hameediyah's but we had a heavy breakfast, so had to skip the lunch.

You take care too.