Friday, 31 May 2013

Another meeting with the Wolf

When I went to the Big Bad Wolf book sales at the Mines Convention Centre in Sri Kembangan in early March, I came out with a haul of 14 books (see story here -> Buku Lima). In the almost 3 months period since then, I have finished reading five books and am now starting on the sixth. That's an average of 2 a month, just about right I guess.

The Wolf is presently in Johor Bahru. Even though I have another 8 novels still to devour from my earlier scoop, I can't help myself from searching for more. I dropped by Danga City Mall last night to browse amongst the hundreds of stacks of publications being sold at unbelievably cheap prices. This time around, I came back with a slightly modest haul... just 9. Two are coffee-table hard covers, one non-fiction book about language, a manual on digital photography and five fiction novels. Of the fiction collection, four of the authors are my first-time reads.

I hope this reading binge won't affect blogging too much...

Now let's see how long I'll take to read through all of this
The Big Bad Wolf book sale is on at Danga City Mall in Johor Bahru until 2 June 2013.


mamasita said...

I am so inspired to 'sharpen' my brain too..can't remember when was the last time I really dived into reading a novel or whatever book.

Must start a bit at least..thanks Oldstock for dragging my mind in this direction..:)

Jehan Bakar said...

Last month, when the Wolf was in Kuantan, the whole family went on a shopping spree too!

The prices of the books are cheap compared to buying them from bookstores and it keep the kiddos from being glued to the TV, when they have reading materials.

zafi said...

Ive just read and finished new Khaled Khosseini Book " AND THE MOUNTAINs ECHOED". Again. Superb! :)

Now curi2 masa nak baca novel... But I couldn't resist the temptation albeit busy with writings and preparation :P

Oldstock said...


I do hope you find some interesting reads... there's nothing like reading to pass away the time.

Oldstock said...


We are quite lucky that the Wolf decided to make stops at Kuantan and JB. When I went to my first BBW sale at Mines, I couldn't believe how cheap the books were. I do hope they decide to make this an annual affair. I want to use up my income tax allowance on books.

Oldstock said...


Khosseini has a new novel? Would sure try to look out for that one because I've read his earlier work and liked it. Thanks for the info.

3yearshousewife said...

Do a book review on your blog. that will be reading and blogging at the same time.

Oldstock said...


Memang dah lama tak buat book review, so I might just do one soon. thanks for the idea..