Monday, 9 January 2017

The previous year in pictures

The last time I did a post like this was in January 2011, where I selected one photo for each month of the previous year. Six years has since passed and I'm now resuming the effort because I feel that most of the photos taken on my mobile phone camera are of reasonable quality.

There weren't that many interesting pics in the earlier part of 2016 but towards the end of the year, we traveled to a few places and visited many interesting spots. So choosing just one pic to represent each month became a somewhat pleasant problem.

Click on each photo if you wish to view a larger image.

January :
22.01.16 - Crown on a quartet of swords. Mersing
February :
05.02.16 - Jambatan Putus Buloh Kasap. Segamat
March :
12.03.16 - Wedding of the son of my former colleague, Mariam Ibrahim.
Taman Perling in Johor Bahru
April :
09.04.16 - Wedding of Nornajmiah Nawawi, niece on my wife's side.
Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam
May :
27.05.16 - Snake in the grass. Some of the hazards encountered in pipe maintenance works.
Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru
June : 
04.06.16 - Early morning exercise by the beach. Mersing
July : 
19.07.16 - Masjid Sultan Iskandar, Bandar Dato' Onn. Johor Bahru
August :
22.08.16 - Preparing for homemade briyani. Johor Bahru
September :
16.09.16 - Masjid Tengku Ampuan Jemaah, Bukit Jelutong. Shah Alam
October :
14.10.16 - Young man and old man. Dareez with his grand-uncle.
Surau Al-Hijrah, Kota Kemuning. Shah Alam
November :
06.11.16 - Selat Mendana, Kong Kong. Johor Bahru
December :
22.12.16 - Masjid Amirul Mukminin. Makassar, Indonesia

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