Thursday, 13 July 2017

A clinic for the masses

Tucked in an obscure corner of the UTC Kotaraya complex in central Johor Bahru is the government health clinic known as Klinik 1Malaysia. It offers both medical and dental services at a nominal price.

Earlier this month I made my first visit. At the registration counter for dental services, I handed over my MyKad and was asked to fill up a form. The nurse then keyed in my data into the system. While doing so, she asked me a few questions.

"Have you been here before, sir?"

No. My first visit.

"May I know your occupation?"


"Do you have a pensioner card?"

No. I work in the private sector.

She returned my identity card, gave me a queue number and asked me to wait until my number is called. There were not that many people in the waiting lounge, maybe six or seven, I can't recall now. The lounge itself is bright and clean. There is a television on, tuned to the Suria Channel of Singapore. The TV reception is quite good and I assume that is why it's tuned to a neighbouring country's programme. Unless you are subscribed to Astro, the reception of local stations using normal antenna can be quite dismal. Except for the stiff and uncomfortable metal seats, the overall waiting experience was generally bearable.

The duration of the wait, under different circumstances, I would call as exceedingly long. But then you have to remember that this is a government clinic. Waiting for one to two hours is normal. Furthermore, I was a walk-in patient. No appointment needed like most private dentists.

When my number finally flashed on the screen, I walked into Treatment Room 8 where I was greeted by a smiling young male doctor. He asked me a few questions and then told me to sit on the dentist's chair. The chair and other equipment in the room looked as modern as can be.

After performing the descaling process on my teeth, the doctor pronounced that all my white chompers are in good condition. He praised me for taking good care of them. Wow... no other dentists have praised me before.

Of course I walked out of the clinic with a big smile on my face. And I paid only RM3 for the whole treatment (RM1 to register plus RM2 for the scaling work).

Convenient and inexpensive. A very good government initiative.


doc said...

Hello Oldstock,

Glad to see you actively blogging.

With so many unemployed doctors & dentists, the rakyat should benefit from their visits to K1M. If only the administrators at KKM exercise common sense & diligence.

Amelia said...

Hi Oldstock, thanks for sharing, I didn't know government give dental service with minimal charges. You know lah, going to private dentist can burn a hole in the wallet kind.


Shahrul Zaman Ahmad said...

As salam Dil...
Haha...just giving you a surprise visit to your blog (well, first of all, I wasn't trolling you :), in fact I didn't even know you're blogging).

However, one thing I've known since we've been friends with each other for over 40 years now, is that you've always had a flair for the English language.....always top of the class when it's English subject. I would come a distant 2nd at best :).
Anyways, on the subject of this particular blog on K1M at UTC Johor Bahru, I've made my visit there twice (since it's opening hours is much longer than at HSI). Condition of my teeth not as excellent as yours, no thanks to my smoking habit :(.... And yes, the service is very good, kudos to the hardworking staffs that have to endure long working hours (until 10pm on most days of the week).'re spending retirement by jalan-jalan cari makan sambil cuti-cuti 1 Malaysia eh? I might do something similar, since I was such an adventurous traveller while studying in Australia in the 80's. I still remember hitch-hiking from Canberra to Gold Coast on my own (with only AUD200)...and I did jot down my experiences on a notepad, but it wasn't proper English writeup as your was filled with more of my colorful Aussie swear words etc...hehe.
So, let's catch up again when it's my turn to belanja you on my "EPF birthday"....must return favout ma :).

Till then, cheers mate.

Oldstock said...

Hello Doc. Long time no see :-)

I'm not really that actively-blogging, as you put it. But just enough to keep the creative juices flowing I guess :-)

Agree with your point on the administrative part. Not only for KKM but for most other government departments as well. But with the current state of our leadership, I doubt we can see any improvement soon. Still it is good to hope, isn't it?

Oldstock said...

Hi Amelia. I didn't know about it too until a friend mentioned it. Of course, the private dental clinic has a few other extra services but still, the scaling work at K1M is satisfactory enough.

Oldstock said...

Alaikum salam Shah. How come you manage to discover this blog? You must have a lot of free time on your hands, hahaha...

Anyway, welcome to this page of personal ramblings. Looking forward to that EPF birthday dinner soon :-)