Tuesday, 11 September 2018

An old man in the new year

Today is 11 September 2018 by the Gregorian calendar. It is also the first day of the new year in the Islamic calendar, otherwise known as the 1st of Muharram for 1440 Hijri. I have previously written in earlier posts about the difference between these two calendars; the main one being that the Hijri year is shorter than the Gregorian by about 10 to 11 days. However, I don't think I have mentioned of another notable dissimilarity.

In Islamic tradition, the beginning of a new day occurs at dusk, i.e. when the sun of the preceding day has set. This means that the new Hijri year began yesterday evening at around 7.07pm (sunset time for the district of Johor Bahru, Malaysia). I am highlighting this fact because a significant event took place last night.

Our daughter-in-law, Nor Hanida Bt Elias, gave birth to her first child, a girl, at around 9.20pm at Sultanah Aminah Hospital. Both mother and baby are doing well, alhamdulillah. They have been discharged a few hours ago. Our first grand-daughter arrived in this world on 10 September 2018 but by the Islamic calendar, she is a new year baby. By coincidence (or the Almighty's design, depending on your point of view) the baby's father, my eldest son Arshad Khalid, was also born on 1st Muharram exactly 30 Hijri years ago.

My better half and I are now grandparents.

In previous posts, I have acknowledged many times that I am a senior citizen by virtue of the numerous grand-nephews and grand-nieces in our extended family. Even the Oldstock nickname (first applied when I was still a teenager) is a reflection of this. And now, with the arrival of our first grandchild, I am a confirmed `Datuk'. An honour not bestowed by any king or nobility.

An old man in the new year...

The new baby in the arms of her grandmother


Amelia said...

Hi Fadhil, congratulation on your naik pangkat to 'Datuk'. Very cute and adorable baby girl. :)) She will definitely bring bundle of joy and love to all of you at home.

P/S: I'd decided to stop blogging for the time being, very time consuming.Too many thing to do, so little time.

Best regards,

Oldstock said...

Hi Amelia. Yes, I'm certainly looking forward to spending time with this new addition to the family.

I know very well what you mean about taking a break from blogging. I've taken long breaks myself so many times... hahaha..

No worries. you can return to blogging when the time is right.

By the way, I recall that you have previously met the Malaysian actor called Zaibo. In case you haven't heard, Zaibo is now in poor health and undergoing treatment for cancer.

You take care now..

Amelia said...

Hi Fadhil, I think once in a while must put up one posting to let our readers know we are still kicking and alive. hahaha.....

I read about Mr. Zaibo's news few days ago... very sad read about his health condition. He and his Mrs are both very nice and humble people. I had lunch at his kampong house, way back in 2013. During that time he was still very energetic and healthy. May God bless him and looking forward that he will recover soon.