Sunday, 7 December 2008

Day trip to Pulau Pinang

We left KL on Tuesday afternoon and headed out for Butterworth on the mainland side of Pulau Pinang. I had a project meeting the next morning at Penang Port. We were caught in a traffic jam at the Kepong area of the MRR2 and reached Butterworth around 9pm.

I was a regular traveler to Butterworth a few years back, having been involved in the earlier phase of our company's project for Penang Port. Aside from the arduous driving, I liked coming up to Penang because it has many good makan places. After checking-in that night, we went for dinner at my favourite char kway teow stall in Seberang Jaya. The price is only RM3.50 a plate for the large portion.

After the project meeting the next morning, I had a choice of either going to the famous Kepala Batas ikan bakar stall for lunch or trying out something else on the island-side. I decided to take the ferry across to the island because there was another project site that I wanted to visit.

Ferry terminal on Penang side

Church Street Pier

View of the marina with the clock tower in the background

We had lunch of mutton briyani at Restoran Hameediyah at Lebuh Campbell... delicious. After lunch, I took the opportunity to drive over to the floating mosque at Tanjung Bunga for prayers.

The mosque is built on piles above a sandy beach to give that floating impression during high tide. It was a bright sunny day and there was a glorious view of the sea with the mainland in the background.

Small fishing boats viewed from the mosque

On the way back, we stopped by the Seri Tanjung Pinang development at Tg. Tokong, just to have a look at how the area has progressed since we were last there. Our company was involved in the reclamation works that began in 2003. The developer (part of the E & O Group) has completed the construction of a few phases of upmarket residences and is presently building a waterfront service apartment complex. The houses are beautifully designed and comes with prices to match. Way out of my league, I'm afraid.

We left the island by way of the Penang Bridge and was caught in the evening traffic snarl. It took us almost an hour to cross over to the mainland. I have no doubt that the second bridge planned for Penang is desperately needed.


D said...

aha.. drought over? beautiful picts you got here. hmmm.. penang brings back memories...

HLiza said...

Lamanya tak pegi Penang since I graduated from USM...hmm...10 years ago!

Oldstock said...

-> D, drought is over... temporarily. Will be busy the whole of next week too.

-> Hliza, kalau you study kat USM dulu, sure biasa makan nasi kandar kan? I've yet to find a good nasi kandar restaurant in KL. There is one in Subang Jaya which is not bad, tapi lupa kat mana, sebab pegi sekali je.

jabishah said...

Hi oldstock,

selamat Hari Raya to you too.

I was in Penang end of last month (blogged abt it) but missed the chance helping myself to the briyani in R Hameediah. Heard it serves the best briyani... Is it so?

Oldstock said...


The briyani taste at Hameediyah is a bit different from other mamak restaurants that I've tried elsewhere. The spices are a bit milder but tastes delicious just the same. The mutton is tender. Just writing this is giving me cravings :-)

But to taste the best briyani, you've got to come down to Johor.