Saturday, 6 December 2008

A dry start to December

While the whole of the country is experiencing the rainy season that has brought on great distress in the form of floods and landslides, it is somewhat a dry start for me in this month of December in terms of blog posts.

It's not that I've run out of stories to tell but the last week was awfully busy. I haven't much time to log on to Blogger and respond to comments to my previous post. Sorry guys about that... will try to catch up on your comments this weekend. I wasn't able to drop by other friend's blogs either.

The last week was spent working from my company's head office in Kuala Lumpur and it would remain so for the next two weeks. I drove to Butterworth midweek to attend a project meeting. Yesterday evening I attended the wedding dinner of the eldest daughter of the boss. In between, I squeezed some time to drop by the opening of the latest Big Apple donuts outlet being run by some close friends at the new Aeon Jusco shopping mall in Keramat AU2.

I'll post about those events once I've downloaded some pics from my digicam. Thank you for your patience.


D said...

as they say, better late than never eh? If its the drought on your end, it's a freezer in mine - blocked and frozen, perhaps? well, not really...

Oldstock said...

D, once in a while it's good to take a break from everything. And I mean everything... including posting in our blogs :-)