Saturday, 13 December 2008

Free hole with the dough

Last week, I dropped by the opening of the latest Big Apple Donuts & Coffee outlet at the new Aeon Jusco Shopping Mall at AU2 Setiawangsa. This outlet is owned by a group of friends who are former colleagues. They have pooled their resources, convinced the bankers and managed to secure the deal to open the 27th Malaysian outlet.

Truth be told, I've never heard of this franchise before... probably because I'm not really a donut fanatic. I have only heard of Dunkin' but have never bought any from them because I think the donuts are overpriced. But this does stop other people from queueing up to buy them.

Big Apple outlets are bright and visible. Their kitchen can be clearly seen by the customers... you can see the dough being mixed, the donut being moulded, baked and then being arranged in rows, ready for the dipping and topping process in an uncountable number of flavours. Well, actually I'm exaggerating here... of course it's not uncountable, but if you see the whole donut range on display, you'll have a hard time choosing. And they come in an array of creative names... Alien, Duren-duren, Rolling Stone and Pink Panther, among others. No prizes for guessing which one is a favourite pick of the girls.

The display counter that makes you become spoilt for choice

I picked out a box of 12 pieces but because it was an opening day promo, I paid only for six. The donuts were brought home for my kids and their cousins to consume. To enable all of us to share the flavours, each donut was cut into quarters. Except for yours truly who, being the boss, got to eat the whole Cheesy donut for himself.

My choice of 12 pieces. No Pink Panther because it was sold out.

And so now... to the all important question, how was the taste? Not bad, I would say. You don't have to ask the kids... the whole box was eaten up in a jiffy.

I am confident that this business venture of my friends will do well. I've known them to be dedicated, hardworking and honest. To Azah, Azlina and Azman of the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee 27th outlet, my wishes for your continued success.

I now have a place that I can hang out for donuts and coffee, in the company of good friends.


HLiza said...

Wah banyaknya duit mereka! Hubby was hooked by this franchise when they opened in Ipoh early this year. To me, the doughnuts maybe fancy but they can't beat Dunkin's 'whole' feeling. The donuts here feel a bit 'hollow' and too sugary for somebody who wants to eat healthy like me. I only like Duren Duren coz it's unique.

Swahili said...

Ive heard of this store.Donuts is a food trend alongside cupcakes - those sugary whipped glazed muffins.

we have Krispy Kreme here, which is the American second best donut haven after Dunkins.equally good.

Anonymous said...


I am a die-hard doughnut fan and am very glad they have opened an outlet in Butterworth as well. Frankly, of all the brands available in Malaysia, I prefer Big Apple. I wish your friends success in this business venture and am sure they will do very well indeed.

Take care and may you and your family have a wonderful new year.

warmest wishes,

Patricia said...

Hi Oldstock,

I actually prefer these Apple ones to the Dunkin' ones. They're lighter and don't stick to the insides of my stomach like glue!

But you're right, both are kinda over-priced. But when you see the lines, don't you feel like saying: 'whoa there, people, recession coming lah....' Hahahaha


D said...

Yes... I heard all this hoo-haa about Big Apple donuts sometime early this year from my chummies back home. So when we had a gathering last summer, one friend brought 2 dozens and another brought 3 dozens!! Talk about making a hole in one's pocket!

what do I prefer? aah.. it has to be Tesco's or Sainsbury's for my Fantastic Four... budget maaah!!

Kak Teh said...

Oh i do love a good donut! If my husband is not around, I treat myself to a few Krispy Krim donuts..but if he is around, well, kena pandang dari jauh saja. He would never allow that.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Oldstock
There's another one called J.Co which are similar to the Apple ones.
Another is coming, called Krispy Kreme and this will be equally and sinfully yummylicious ....

Nurie said...

huh..those pics made me drool!When we went back to msia last march, had the chance to eat those donuts at 1Utama. My kids were crazy on the alien donut! I like it too, tho Im not a big fan of donut either.

As swahili said, in riyadh latest donut outlet is Krispy creme. There are at almost every corner, with drive thru outlets lagik! personally not my choice coz manisss giler! Told my hubby, the rate of diabetic arabs will shoot up next year!

I will alway prefer the tradional malay donut- kuih keria :-)

VersedAnggerik said...

I too like Duren Duren only, sbb perut Melayu kot?

But U have to eat it within 2 hours kan? Kalau tak, jadi tempoyak kot? Hehehe....

Oldstock said...


The story of how my friends got to be involved in the business is interesting in itself. Maybe I'll blog about that later on, when they have stabilised and made some good money! Let us revisit them, say one year down the road.

Mudah-mudahan blog ini masih aktif pada masa tu... heheheh.

Oldstock said...

Hi Swahili,

I didn't actually know of Krispy Kreme until I saw the add-on app in Facebook. They also have the cupcakes add-on in FB, I think.

Hmm... how come the Mat Salleh's donuts can become international franchise.

Thanks for dropping by. Have dropped by your interesting blog via Nurie's a few times but yet to comment. Hoping to see more of you soon.

Oldstock said...

Masterwordsmith and Pat,

Two of my friends who are Big Apple fans. I guess you guys would probably buy the box of 12 at one go, right? Could be tough on the pocket, you know... heheheh :-)

Oldstock said...

Kak Teh,

Kenapa Abang AG tak bagi makan donut tu? Ni mesti sebab Kak Teh sekali beli se dozen, heheheh :-)

Oldstock said...


I picked two pieces of Alien in my box of 12 because the chocolate topping looked so tempting. Personally, I'd go for the Cheesy one anytime.

Tu la... nasib kuih keria, ditinggal begitu saja, angkara rupa yg tak glamer... heheheh :-)

Oldstock said...


Hahaha.. kalau jadi tempoyak pun sedap jugak! Baru confirm 100% Malaysian product.

Jarod said...

haha! Nice choice they have taken to cater Malaysians mouth!!

I prefer Apple than Dunkin. Dunkin was like so famous at one time... now, flies all over~!

The soft donuts, the juice that melt in your mouth.. GOSh! Is a must HAVE when we have party!

I prefer duren duren and choc! Melt in my mouth...!!!!

hanitha said...

salam bro, wow!!! ramainya peminat donut, well, spt yg sy sebut jumaat lps nk ke BIG APPLE kan, so, pegi la ngan geng berempat..aduhai, mmg meliurkn la tgk donuts semua tu...n very tempting..semua nk rasa nk makan tp.. kena jaga bajet maaaa...
akhirnya, beli 2 je, apple flavoured n cheesy...mmg lazat!!!
ader amik gambo tp camner nk paste kat sini ek???

Chahya said...

Salam Oldstock,
Gembiranya I dengar there's another Big apple outlet. I'm crazy for its doughnuts! Just like masterwordsmith and Pat, I think it's better than Dunkin.
Duren-Duren is unique but have to consume within 3 hours actually. Once I bought for my buka puasa, and it did taste like tempoyak, like VersedAnggerik wrote.
My choice of Big Apple doughnuts would be as in my single November post.

Chahya said...

eh sori, I meant my only 'October' post, not November.

Thank you for puasa along Oldstock!

jabishah said...

Hi oldstock,

Hmmm... doughnuts! Love them. You know, my parents' are very nearby to the new Aeon. Walking distance. But when I went with the girls last week, I opted to drive... Hahaha. With doughnuts in hand & driving for less than 5 minutes, it didn't do good to my waistline :-( But I prefer tho....

mamasita said...

Hai Oldstock..I have been wanting to enter your blog a few times but hesitated.So when I went to Chahya's blog and saw your name and Masterwordsmith,ahhh..oklah..bolehlah cuba make friends!

Kat Kuantan outlet Big Apple ada satu je kat East Coast Mall.So the queue bukan main oi.

Tapi bila gi kat Curve,lega tak payah beratur teruk2 because KL banyak outlets Big Apple!I know your friends will succeed in their business!Orang KL kuat makan!hehehe

mamasita said...

O Lupa!Please do drop by at my blog ye?Thanks!

faeze said...

Assalamualaikum oldstock...r u really oldstock? I think u r not that old enough.. but surely must be young at heart. Anyway BA's donuts can't compared with Dunkin's. In JB we only got 1 BA at Tesco Plentong. They're lighter and can't beat Dunkin's 'whole' feeling. Wish your friends success in this business venture and am sure they will do very well indeed. Malaysia Boleh!!

Oldstock said...


I could not try Duren Duren that day because it was selling like hot cakes. Had to wait a while until they bake some more. Since I'm not really a durian fan, I chose other flavours. Maybe next time I'll try it to see why you guys like it so much... heheheh.

Oldstock said...


2 pieces je? Mana cukup beb! Takpe, lain kali I datang KL, I belanja makan donut sedozen kat Big Apple.

Hmm... tak tahu pulak la camne nak paste gambar dlm comments section. Nanti I cuba tanya blogger lain yang expert.

Oldstock said...


I revisited your October blog post. Tak sangka pulak ada lagi seorang peminat Big Apple donuts. Don't tell me you finished the whole dozen by yourself! :-)

Oldstock said...


So now, every time you go back to your parents place, your girls would drag you to Big Apple.... heheheh :-)

Don't worry about waistline. You can eat as much donuts as you like as long as you don't forget to exercise afterwards ;-)

Oldstock said...

Hi Mamasita!

I'm pleased you drop by. Always good to have new friends. I now have another blogger friend from Kuantan.

Will visit your blog soon... just need to post something first, otherwise my regular readers will wonder why I'm missing :-)

Oldstock said...

Alaikum salam Faeze,

Welcome to Just Observations...

`Young at heart' can be a tricky phrase, you know. Just as long as you don't mention it in front of my missus... heheheh.

So you're a JB citizen too? Tak perasan pulak ada BA kat Tesco Plentong, but I guess that's because I'm basically not a donut fanatic.

Hmmm... I think I'll check out the new Tesco Tebrau City tomorrow.