Saturday, 13 December 2008

Take the path less ordinary

In my Regular Reads blogroll is a blog managed by a group of dedicated individuals who call themselves Outskirt Outreach. This group promotes nature conservation and organizes treks into our beautiful rainforest, especially within the Kinta Valley. They also help out the Orang Asli communities by various means such as collecting used children's clothes from urban donors for distribution to the Orang Asli families.

Their latest post makes a mention of a certain `old' guy whom they have described as a `prolific' blogger. The post can be read -> here.

Err... Casey my friend, I need to correct you here. Putting up a blog post every three or four days hardly qualifies as prolific... heheheh. Thanks for the mention, anyway. I certainly wish that I'll be able to join you guys on a jungle expedition one day.

If any of my KL-based readers are hopping over to Double-O's blog, do check out their latest Kuala Lumpur Integrated Rail Map. It has all the train lines (LRT, Monorail, KTM, Kommuter and ERL) neatly and colourfully laid out. Reminds me of the London Underground Subway. Cool.


Patricia said...

Hey Oldstock,

Thanks for the heads-up to that site. I love sites that tell us about Malaysia. A lot of what we have out there is pure rot! So thanks for this.

I admire the way you actually do put out regular posts. It can't be easy, what with a full time job!

I enjoy visiting with you!


Casey Ng said...

A good deed should never go unpublished. Malaysia is currently tainted by race based polarization and politics. People like oldstock is certainly a breath of fresh air.

Oldstock said...

Hi there Pat,

Of late, I'm struggling with time to put regular posts. But I'll try my best, that I can assure you. When I've got friends like you, I'm encouraged to psot articles as often as I can :-)

P/s - been struggling to find time to visit and comment on friends blogs too.

Oldstock said...

Casey, thank you for the kind words.