Thursday, 18 June 2009

Another bridge for whose benefit?

I have tried to refrain from posting about the proposed Third Bridge linking us to Singapore, ever since PM Najib made the surprising announcement a few weeks back. It has become a kedai kopi topic amongst us citizens of Johor Bahru.

I can come up with a string of reasons why I find this new idea perplexing but in the end, I think it is sufficient for me to repeat the comment I left at Fauziah Ismail's blog... that the PM is not telling us everything. So much for his `People First' approach...

And today, I read in The Star Online that the Sultan of Johor does not agree that this third link be built. Thank you, Tuanku!

Let's see how the politicians wiggle out of this one.


zafi said...

i reserve my comment lah... :)
if for the sake of kebajikan rakyat without abaikan kepentingan rakyat plz proceed else... batalkan!

Patricia said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

But I've become very cynical these days. Just yesterday, we were caught in a jam in PJ; right under the new 'link' from KL to Jalan Gasing: a narrow affair, that barely takes two cars abreast.

And I wondered, 'who made a lot of money from this?'

That seems to be the guiding principle in operation these days - when it comes to 'viable' new projects.

Oldstock said...


There is bound to be some benefit to the rakyat but the point we have to consider is, at what cost? I would be real interested to have a look at the cost-benefit analysis of this project, if the government decide to proceed with it.

Oldstock said...


I have tried many times to be less cynical of such mega-projects but every time we have a new leader, a new mega project has to be launched to refill political coffers.

A friend of mine says that I'm critical of such projects because I am not one of the cronies. If I am one, then I would be supportive. I guess he's right *sigh*

zafi said...

Its more than cost benefit analysis... its only part of it...
im not so sure how gov deal the issues with singapore... might be if they sell more pasir then they will get the benefit kot. :)
anyway, if there are needs to create one, then gov should consider it. i read newspaper online.. the sultan did not agree at all... huh!

Shadowthorne said...

I was wondering, mainly because I have no idea what this is all about (the lack of newspapers and tv).

Why you don't need a third bridge?

I ask because I do not know. :)

Oldstock said...

Hi Shadowthorne,

I thought I saw two comments from you but it seems only one got published. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

For some background on the story of this proposed 3rd bridge, you can try reading Fauziah Ismail's article that I've linked in this post. Basically we already have two links with Singapore. The Second Link is actually under-utilised while the Causeway's final status is yet to be resolved. So it is a bit premature to be thinking of a 3rd link.